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Things We Did And Learned In Boston

Posted Nov 06 2008 11:38pm

We had much fun in Boston with our friends! It was great to see their house (very old Victorian house) and their kids (cute and smart) and them (funny and smart, somewhat cute). We managed to cram quite a bit into the 3 days we were up there. Here are the highlights:

  • Making it through security at both airports without mention of firearms! Hooray! Although we did have to remind Ryan while in the line at Hartsfield as he was very curious to know whether the peopleguys had guns and whether they'd discuss it with him.
  • Making it through security with a big old bottle of liquid Benadryl--I forgot it was in the backpack but both teams of security guards missed it. Hmph. See how they're protecting us?
  • Moving sidewalks in the airport!
  • Answering a zillion questions on the airplane (Delta was very good about the peanut allergy, by the way.)
  • Snow! Lots of snow on the ground (for us, anyway) and playing in the snow in our friends' backyard. Sliding and sledding, too.
  • A strange phenomenon known as "gray snow" or "slush"--both are nonexistent here in the South. Our snow melts so quickly that there is no time for it to get gray and dirty.
  • Eating gray snow--not such a good idea.
  • Our friends had a Policeman Peopleguy uniform which Ryan wore for nearly 2 days straight.
  • Getting to see my aunt and uncle, even if it was only for a couple of hours.
  • Playing at the big indoor playground with ginormous slides for hours and hours.
  • Eating at the Rainforest Cafe--interesting for Ryan, worrisome for Morgan.
  • Getting to see our other friends--which made it almost seem as if we were in the Outer Banks again (this is nearly the whole crew that gets together in OBX every August).
  • Loving on our friends' kids--the older one is very much like Ryan--talkative and inquisitive, the little one is super cuddly and deliciously adorable.
  • Getting to know our friends' two Weimaraners--very sweet dogs, great with the kids.
  • Seeing High School Musical which was a big hit with all the kids.
  • Morgan sleeping in her own bed all night long!
  • Staying up late talking after the little ones went to bed.
  • Going into Boston on our last day, visiting Faneuil Hall and procuring books about the Revolutionary War and Minuteman Peopleguy hats.
  • Learning that the gift shop does not sell Minuteman guns, to Ryan's disappointment.
  • Ryan getting annoyed ("stressed out" was his phrase) at the number of people who thought his Minuteman hat was a pirate hat.

We did good. Although we're happy to be back home and hit the ground running this morning, going to the Train Museum for a kid's program with some friends and unpacking and swimming this afternoon and perhaps even the grocery store. More blogging to come, if I ever work my way through the mail and the laundry and my sleep deprivation!
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