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Things that made me smile this week....

Posted Apr 25 2009 12:26am
It's Friday favorite day of the week. For some reason, this week in particular seemed to last forever. I'm not sure if it was due to the unusually warm weather we were having or if it was just having to adjust to getting back to our normal routine after spring break last week.

Thankfully, though, there was more laughter and smiles than there were tears and cries of frustration. Here are some things that made me smile this week.....

1) Garrett and Landon are the silliest kids. Even though it was 96 degrees outside for the better part of this week, that didn't stop them from wearing their winter hats and gloves. And, of course, anytime they share a hug (unprompted) makes me smile with glee.

2) Bella makes me smile with some of the things she says. She has a little crush on one of Cole's friends at preschool. After I picked them up from school the other day, she informed me, "Mommy, Carson is my one true love and I'm going to marry him someday." I asked, "How does Carson feel about that?" and she said, "Well, I just told him today....he didn't say anything. But that doesn't matter....I told him he's going to marry me so now he has to", as she sat in the backseat smiling adorably. Sure, she looks innocent and sweet on the outside but on the inside she's all princess.

Then yesterday I was explaining to her that we have to take good care of our veggie garden so that the plants won't die. She asked, "It's kind of like when you take care of we don't die?". And as I was applying sunscreen on the kids on Tuesday, I told her that sunscreen is important to prevent the sun from damaging our skin and she asked, "Why? Is it because our skin will get all crinkled and cruddy....and then we'll die?". In all seriousness, it's probably time to talk to her about death and dying....but her questions still made me smile.

3) Garrett has finally been speaking in 2-3 word sentences. Music to my ears. Last night, he ran around waving his finger in everyone's faces and saying, "You stop it" everytime we'd laugh at something he did. And he's even been saying "love you, Mommy".....can I just say that I melted like butter the first time he said it??

4) Lastly, our little veggie garden....oh, it's had a tough time surviving. The kids and I grew our seeds indoors for a month and then transplanted them one day, only to have the wind knock most of them over. And what wasn't knocked over was trampled on the next day when I hosted an Easter party at our home. So we started from scratch again but this time we planted the seeds directly into the outdoor garden. We waited and watched....waited and watched....but after 6 days, still nothing. And then suddenly, we noticed our seedlings were starting to pop out of the ground. Before we knew it, there were seedlings everywhere!! Yesterday morning, when Cole, Bella and I went out to take a peek at our lovely garden, we were all so excited that we did a little dance right there in our are some pictures of our little veggie garden....

One of our blooming cucumber plants (the kids have fondly named it Dexter)

More cucumber seedlings

Watermelon seedlings

Tiny little lettuce seedlings

The view of the whole garden area

Green bean seedlings (we get a lot of wind on this side of the house, so Jenna from The Newlyweds, shared a tip with me....cut the bottom out of a planter and plant it around the seedling to prevent the wind from bothering the plant...we didn't have any planters so we used large plastic cups)

Our tomatoes and summer squash never made it out of the ground so we're gonna buy some seedlings from the nursery this weekend and plant them in the garden. According to Bella, we need to do this quickly...."Mommy, we need to get new tomato plants so the other plants don't get sad.......and then die".
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