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Things I should be doing right now instead of writing this blog post

Posted Jul 01 2013 6:33am
sick sophie

The house is unusually quiet…unusually isn’t even the right word. The house is NEVER this quiet when there are people in it, but right now, my sick Sophie is snoozing on the couch, Jonah is napping in his crib, and Joshua and Bobby are out doing work at his dad’s. So I’m curled up in my big recliner with my laptop because I can’t take breaking the peacefulness by doing…stuff.

But I have a lot of stuff to do. And in my motherhood-induced-ADD-addled brain, there are tasks and lists swimming around and fighting to get to the forefront of my gray matter. Tasks that keep me hopping and stressing such as:

  • Getting on Pinterest to get ideas on how to work with Jonah on speech
  • cleaning the dining room
  • Switching the laundry from the washer to the dryer
  • Writing a review of my amazing new garbage disposal
  • Doing my makeup
  • Clipping coupons for tomorrow’s planned drugstore run
  • Calling Emily to tell her the 1,000 things I didn’t get to talk to her about this week
  • Putting dinner in the crock pot
  • Reading my new WWII book about women in the French Resistance
  • Working on my resume in the pursuit of some more freelance writing work

All these things need to be done. Some of them yesterday, or at least five minutes ago. But I can’t bring myself to break the stillness, to violate the quiet, or to make any noise that might wake my sick snoozing girl.

So I think I will close this note, curl up in my chair, and close my eyes for a minute. Take a deep breath, and then another one, and breathe out thanks for the stillness, for the quiet place. Maybe I’ll shush the sound of my own voice in my head and just listen  for a still, small Voice instead.

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