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Things I, love, love

Posted May 13 2009 11:12pm
I am loving some things this week, and if you are needing something to love as well, may I suggest a few things?

This (and many others) from The Poster List will soon be gracing my house.  I love their stuff!

Sooo yummy.  And great for relieving stress.  (Costco)

These look nasty, but they taste amazing.  Kinda like fruit snack but healthier.  (Costco)

I adore these hangers because they cut my closet in half!  Not to mention they make everything look neater and more uniform, and I love love love that.

Okay, this movie was my saving grace the other day.  I taped it on the DVR and Taylor loved it.  I was able to get a good deal of unpacking done while he watched it...twice.  

I so wish I had thought these up.  I received a sample pack in the mail, so I used them the week of moving since I couldn't find my detergent.  And I have to say, I may never ever go back.  My clothes smell amazing, and laundry has never been easier.  I LOVE!!!

And when I felt like Taylor had enough tv, his best friend Izabel came over and they immediately entertained each other.  I always joke that she babysits him for me.  But, honestly, it's no joke.  I hope they get married one day.

And of course, one of my best friends, Izabels mama.  While Jimmy was out of town last week and I was taking trips of stuff to the new place, she would come and watch the kids for me.  I think she babysat almost every day.  And on moving day, she took them for hours to the pool.  She's the bestest friend ever.  And I love her.

© 2009 "Le Musings of Moi"
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