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They say it’s your birthday…well, it’s my birthday too

Posted Mar 15 2010 5:30am
That’s the song we get the kids to sing on their birthdays….because we’re huge dorks.

The party on Saturday for Garrett and Landon went off without a hitch…well, unless you consider the fact that it took me 2 whole days to make the birthday cakes, for Tim to TRY to get the bathroom done (which still isn’t finished but at least the toilet is finally in working order) and to get this house clean enough to not want to die of embarrassment when the guests showed up.

One of my friends came over Friday and stayed until 11:00 pm helping me clean the house…and we’re not talking sweeping here and there. She scrubbed the stairs clean, folded the kids’ laundry, and cleaned our kitchen table.

Now, the kitchen table may not seem like a big deal but, trust me, it was. She looked at the table and looked up at me and said, “You’re gonna put a tablecloth over it, right?”

I looked at her as if she had an extra ear attached to her face. “Uh….no!” I said.

That’s when she broke out the Old English wood polisher and got a work-out scouring off dye stains that Bella left from doing her hair with that damn Crush crap (that explains the pink and blue hair in the last post).

If that’s not a sign of true friendship, I don’t know what is.

Okay, pictures….well, I didn’t take that many because I was using my cell phone but here’s what I managed to get without too much blurriness.

Below, Garrett was attempting to hit the pinata…but all he did was hit the metal canopy and break off the tip of the broom.

Tim caught my eye right when it happened and he whispered to me, “Don’t worry, sweetie. I’ll make sure to have your broom replaced by the time you need to head back to Oz tomorrow. I wouldn’t want the flying monkeys to worry about you.” Nice.


One of the big kids knocked the pinata down and it took 3 guys to figure out how to put the darn thing back up.

Honestly, I think the guys just liked feeling “needed”.


Finally…candy and toys galore.

Look at them all hunched over scooping up all the goodies…kind of like hungry vultures pouncing on a weary, unsuspecting mouse.


All Garrett got were 2 bags of Nemo gummies…and he was happy the rest of the day.


Here’s the cake I made for Garrett…Toy Story theme all the way.

These are the G-rated pictures.


Once a couple of my friends got a hold of the characters, it quickly turned X-rated.

Warning…close your eyes and scroll down past the picture if you lack a perverted sense of humor.

Woody: Hey Buzz, you wanna know why they call me Woody?

Buzz: Oh, I have a pretty good idea why. Now, get over and take me to infinity and beyond.


Here’s Landon’s Thomas the Train cake…

Just look at all that yummy sugar! It’s one of those cakes that you gain 10 pounds just from looking at it….or is that just me?

cake1 cake2

Whew…as much as I enjoy parties, I’m SO glad it’s over!

I’ve missed the blogosphere…
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