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These are my organic lettuces

Posted Jul 20 2009 10:17pm

My Lettuces These are the lettuces from my organic garden. I only planted a few lettuces, just for the fun of seeing them growing on my own back yard.

I bought a package of seeds and spread them on the land. When the lettuces started growing I moved them to flower pots. I end up having six lettuces in the flower pot and several spread on the yard, probably the wind or rain moved the seeds.

They are very easy to grow, I just have to water them, no pest control products needed until now. I keep the snails away with a bit of salt outside the flower pot.

I am not sure they will be tasty because I find the leaves a little too hard but I hope when they are in their full size the leaves can be used in a delicious fresh and green salad.

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