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There set my dilemma

Posted Mar 04 2012 3:06pm

Southern Living 001

A long day of cleaning house, Scouts banquet, preparing for Sunday School, grocery store, climbing adventures and more. Kids were in bed and I sat in my favorite red chair longing to curl up with my Southern Living magazine. And then I spotted my Bible right next to it. So which do I pick up. I had not spent any time in the Word but those flowers were calling my name. But so was Jesus. And it’s probably not what you think and it wasn’t what I thought either. Instead of this huge black cloud of guilt hanging over my head for picking up the flowerty magazine over the Holy inspired Word of God,  I felt the Holy Spirit whisper into my heart saying, “ It’s okay, I know you delight in those things. I made those flowers you love so much and that you sometimes clip out of yards that don’t belong to you. Melody, I want you to delight in me too.”  So I picked up my magazine feeling an odd sense of peace but a tinge of, “Are you sure it’s okay?” I enjoyed looking at front porches, flowers and local vacation getaways and was somewhat haunted in a sweet way about those earlier words I felt in my heart. He knows I like flowers. I kept reading but deep inside I knew it wasn’t going to be the last thing I read. I was very much anticipating what treasure I might find in my Bible. The love I felt poured out on me was calling me back to Him. Not out of guilt or tit for tat  but because I felt so intimately known by Him I wanted to go to Him.

As I was winding down my flower power attack I quickly remembered one of my Sunday School girls was playing in a basketball tournament and had a game that started 20 minutes prior. I had been praying throughout the day for her because we prayed about this last week and it was a big deal for her. She had already played two other games and this was her last one of the day. I quickly texted her Mom to see how the game was going. Not so well. They were down and only a few minutes left of the game. I gave my condolences through text and sent out a “maybe this was just meant to prepare them for the next go around. Tell her I’m sorry.” And then I felt this overwhelming prompt to pray for her in a different way.  I got to my knees and started praying. And the Lord used my previous conversation with Him to spur on my prayers for this girl. Lord, give her the desires of her heart. She delights in basketball and you know she does. She wants to win this game. Would you please give it to her, Lord. And let her see You in it. Lord, turn this thing around.  Ya’ll I do don’t kneeling prayers over basketball. I just don’t. But He put me on my living room floor interceding on her behalf and he had just used my flowerty magazine time to prepare the way. Get out of town! Who would’ve thought God would use Southern Living to converse with one of His girls? But he totally did.

A few minutes later a series of texts came through saying they were only down by 1.  Got fouled. Shooting two. Now they’re up by 3 and 8 seconds left. WON THE GAME!!!! comes through and I almost cried…..over basketball. And who would’ve thought that would ever happen? I think that was the most engaged I’ve ever been in a game. And I wasn’t even there. That is just plain weird.

God is real. He speaks. He moves in mysterious ways and I’m giddy with excitement that He knows I love flowers and that my Sunday School girl loves basketball.

Oh, and the verse I was directed to after praying over what looked like a hopeless basketball game was Psalm 70:5 “Yet I am poor and needy; come quickly to me, O God. You are my help and my deliverer; O Lord, do not delay.” 

Blessed be the Word of the Lord!

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