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there's no place like home there's no place like home

Posted Feb 03 2009 11:42pm
i heard this song this morning driving in the snow storm to work.

when i close my eyes and listen to it i can smell coconut scented sunblock....i can feel the heat on my face and feel my little legs that don't touch the ground sticking to the red pleather seats in our white caprice station wagon.....and when i hear this on the 8 track player....

i can smell the salt water....taste the crabs......and smell the windex from my dad cleaning the windows before every trip......

i can feel the bruises from my sisters and i beating each other in the back seat....and i can feel the skin peeling off my legs when we get out of the car from the sweather (sweat + pleather) factor......and boy do they feel good....

when i hear these songs i'm not fighting to keep my job, hoping my husband will find one, taking my daughter to the hospital, missing my peeps because they're all so far away.....

thank you c criddy (how kids these days refer to christopher cross), you rule...

in other news i would like to point out that i'm a total jack ass. i've been blogging for several months now and i just realized that when i leave a comment on someone's blog if i click the box to get follow up emails i can see what others say after me. i will now sleep at night because i felt so much pressure to try to remember all of the blogs i commented on to check back if someone responded to my comment or asked me a question. i won't mention any names but when i revealed this to one of my friends.....actually the person who inspired me to blog.....a blog icon if you will.....the queen of blogs....oh and did i mention she is a killer photographer too? i won't mention her name though....i'll save her the shame and embarrassment......but she ( blog queen, QB, my blog idol ) didn't know this either. so that made me feel better :)

the end.
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