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Then we stared at goats

Posted Apr 27 2010 12:54pm

I spent my birthday at the Minnesota Zoo with my sister and my two nephews. Mr. Right bought me a plane ticket so I could visit him and my family while my son was in Hawaii with his dad over Spring Break.

Minnesota Zoo

Visiting the zoo, or going anywhere, for that matter, without my son is always different. I miss him terribly when I’m with friends and their kids and it’s especially hard traveling to see his grandparents, cousins and aunt & uncle without him.

Making the best out of any situation, I fully took advantage of the one-on-one time with my nephews. I wouldn’t have been able to really bond with them in the same way had my son been there. He and my older nephew would be arguing over which way to go first (left or right), how long they’d want to spend at each exhibit and fighting for attention.

Sure, it would’ve been great to have my son there with us, but I wouldn’t have been able to hold my nearly 2-year-old nephew’s hand (or try as he kept pushing mine away) as he took his time walking down the path far behind his mom and brother. I wouldn’t have been able to carry my older nephew on my shoulders when he grew tired of walking toward the end of the day. My energy would’ve been all on my son, as it should be when we’re together, but then I wouldn’t have had these special experience with my nephews.

One-on-one time with any child is special. I appreciate and am grateful for that time with my nephews and loved exploring the Minnesota Zoo with them.

We took plenty of pictures , but this video truly captures the personality of my older nephew, who was anxious to hear the cow, with the nose piercing, moo.


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