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Their Very First Soccer Ball and Coach

Posted Mar 24 2012 8:15pm

Photobucket Some of my long time blogger friends has become my hubby’s online friend over the years of blogging. All thanks to Facebook online games.

But I think non of them know that Allan was in his school’s elite soccer team. His school friends gave him a nickname “Allan Shearer” (sound just like the famous England soccer player, Alan Shearer.)

Even after graduation, he still plays soccer with his friends on weekends but was forced to stop after a leg injury and a stern warning from the doctor.

Allan became worried when he knew that Binbin and Keatkeat had been playing soccer in school during recess every single day. He was worried that they would hurt their joints because they do not have the basics yet.

Photobucket Photobucket

So yesterday, 24th March, Saturday, he bought them a kids-size soccer ball, pumped it up and went ahead with the very first professional soccer training.




As usual, Binbin, the fast learner, had no problem getting the kick right after two or three tries.

While Keatkeat, the full of imagination and aspiration fellow, only kept mimicking the stunts he saw on the cartoon “Super Striker” *faint*
So Mr Coach had to keep correcting him, thus giving Binbin lots of rest time.



“You can tell who is gifted in the sport straight away.” Allan said after spending alot of time on Keatkeat and he still could not get one kick right. “Somethings are like that, its either you have the talent or you don’t. Not something that can be taught.”

Coach Allan noticed that Binbin was feeling bored, so he asked Keatkeat to take a break, while he taught Binbin how to stop the ball with his body.

Look at how PRO Binbin was!!!!


Allan THREW the ball towards Binbin


and Binbin could HOLD the ball in that position for 1 second when it landed on him!


Isn’t he cool?!

Allan said, “Its a shame that Singapore soccer player’s salary cannot justify for the risks that this sport brings, otherwise I will let Binbin join. He is really good at it.”

Actually, to me, Binbin is good at almost everything that involves motor skills.

Those ‘sparkling pearls’ all over his face tells how hard he trained…


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