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Their Very First Bicycles

Posted Aug 23 2008 6:16pm

Their Very First Bicycles

Child , Preschool , Toddler , Videos

2+ years ago , we exchanged our petrol points for a mini bicycle for my (then) 2+ year old Keatkeat. That was his first bicycle, but it was NOT BOUGHT by his parents, it felt more like a free gift from Esso-Mobil Petrol Station. But that bike was long gone…*sigh* can’t expect much on its durability, it was a FREE item, afterall!

But not today! Today, Papa bought 2 16inch bicycles for the 2 of them! They were over the moon, or rather over the sun, ‘cos we went to the bicycle shop right after Keatkeat was off from school at 12pm!

Here they are, testing the bikes infront of the bicycle shop. Though many alterations were done, they displayed commendable patience! Alterations like, lowering the seats, changing the bells from a index-finger-controlled to a thumb-controlled, adjusting the brakes so that they are ‘more reachable’ for their short fingers and finally balancing the guiding wheels at the back.

My phone’s video quality is lousy, but I still want to capture this moment….some people use ‘Face-blurring’ technology on purpose, but mine was AUTO-Blurred by my phone and there’s NO WAY I could de-activate the function *BIG LAUGH* .

Warning! It was really windy today, so I suggest you swtich off your speakers in case you get irritated by the sound of the breeze.

So after 1hour of cycling, what was their response? Thumbs Up!

The following video was taken in 2006 April when Keatkeat was on that ‘free bike’…(WARNING! Back in 2006, the video quality of my ex-phone was even worse!) …funny Binbin was still waddling like a duck!

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