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The Word Acording to MIC, or the alternate title... A Piano, Anti Depressants and Me

Posted Sep 11 2009 10:28pm
So below you will find a real live, unedited email from MIC to an old girlfriend who is now a family friend of all of us ... I swear, apart from removing names I have altered nothing ... I should say this is all send with an undertone of jest, love and affection. Enjoy a slice of MICdom, hugs le xox


Thankfully you are still all OK up on the mountain, I was beginning to think BIG FOOT may have got you all and you were lying trampled on the floor.

Whoop Whoop is great, our only concern, the school, turned out to be groundless, the local kids are lovely! its so remote here the postman brings our groceries....

But about the piano, I think my brother has had it for 15 years, not sure why he wants to move it on, maybe he is replacing the carpet or could be its making his floor sag. He has sort of stopped working now so could be they are moving to a retirement home.

Most likely, despite 15 years of 3 lessons a week, he has finally accepted that he wont be the next Elton John and simply doesn't want it around to remind him of his failure, either way its going to have to go, I do have another brother, who would have absolutely no use for it however he was on anti depressants for a while after an accident at work and at one stage had a rolls and a Daimler plus a v12 xjs Jag, because of the associated impaired judgement.

While his house has bedrooms downstairs and living area upstairs making access difficult, I am sure he would welcome the piano if he is still on the medication but I am not sure if I could feel comfortable with it so would be better if there was another way..... will forward your email to my brother as it will give him a glimmer of hope and may buy you some more time. Love MIC, Le and the babes
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