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The Wonderful Husband

Posted Feb 08 2014 12:00am

In every relationship, there's a yin and a yang, a person who is liked more and a person who is tolerated, mostly for the sake of the other one. Often, that person rotates - the husband is the favorite with one couple, the wife is the favorite of the next. It's all good - it's a balance. If you've been in a relationship for longer than a hot minute you know what I mean. 

Often, the one who is tolerated for the sake of the other is me. 

Wait. Hear me out. I'm not bitter, not self pitying - just truthful. 

I know I'm not for everyone. I mean it. I am sarcastic, opinionated, use salty language liberally, I enjoy things that others don't, and I have a big mouth. I'm definitely not the one person who, when they enter the room every cheers - that's why I bought this shirt:

The Wonderful Husband

Good thing that my husband likes whiskey. :)

My husband, now, he's everyone's favorite. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, even the grumpiest of the grumpies - thinks that my husband is simply the best thing going. The Cat's Meow. The Top Banana. The Best of the Best. There was a woman at church who really didn't have much time for me - until she found out I was his wife. Then? I could do no wrong. I was married to "Her" Mr. Masses. 

He's one of the nicest people that's every existed. Literally, every single person in the entire world likes him. I've never known anyone who doesn't not only get along with him, but just flat out love him. 

He's a good guy. 

Today, I had to take a dress for tailoring, and the woman I typically use was closed - so I went to a place my husband recommended. She had done some work for my father in law before he passed away, and my husband had taken him in a couple of times. She also has done repairs for my husband - and he's pretty finicky, so if he says she does good work, I'm satisfied. She was very kind, but business-like in her dealings with me - which is totally fine, I don't need everyone to be my friend - but when I filled out the pick up form, I had a thought. While she told me that my dress would be ready for pick up on Friday, I spent time scrolling through my phone.(NOT to ask for a favor, but just because I was curious.)

I landed on a picture of my husband and, flipping the phone around to her, I asked,

"Do you remember this man?"

An ENORMOUS smile broke out on her face, and she pointed at my phone. "Your man? He's your man? He's the man with nine kids, and he brought his dad in! He's so nice!" 

We chatted for a few minutes about my father in law - I was very proud of myself, I only teared up and the tears didn't fall, so I totally consider that a win - and she talked about what a great man my husband is, so nice to take care of his father, very kind to him, very nice man - 

and she said, "And you? You are a nice woman. Very, very kind."

Which, hello - are two words that are not often attributed to me - and I asked her how she could possibly say that, because she doesn't even know me - 

and she said, "I don't need to know you. Your man picked you, and he is a very, very good man. So that makes you a good woman."

Reaching below the counter, she stood up with two oranges in her hands. (She's Chinese, which makes no difference to anything, except that it explains this next part.)

"In China, we eat these for good luck. Here. You take one for you, and one for your man. You eat them together, you have good luck."

I already have good luck. 

Tonight, we will eat the oranges together, me and my good man. 

(And my dress? Will be ready Tuesday.)

The Wonderful Husband

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