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The Venetian Blind

Posted Sep 11 2009 10:28pm

What kind of torturous nutter invented the Venetian blind ? I am so anti the Venetian blind I might start a movement .. The Real Women Against Useless Window Treatments - RWAUWT ... is that too much .. does that sound like ruuauuwwtt and is that a decent acronym... I think not.

I mean are they not just this side of ridiculous ? If the pullie up and down thing works without twisting into a macrame knot the turning blade thing is bound to give up it's capacity after four weeks use ...

Yes the Whoop Whoop house is covered, yes covered in Venetian blinds. Not a curtain flapping, not a rod, not a hook in sight.

Apart from being a flawed design from day one the bloody things are so lacking in personality it feels like we could be in a doctor's waiting room, or worse yet, as there seems to be no out of date mags lying around, a government department's public space. You know like where one goes to fill in forms for Medicare or Workcover ... yuk.

So give me your poor, your distressed, your best ideas on how to enliven my Venetian blind purgatude.

Yes I am having a dramatic morning ... I slept till 7am - say it again 7am ... I am like a new woman ... hugs all round, except for the Venetian blind lovers out there, whomever you are you demented nutters .... hugs le

ps no Venetian blinds have been harmed in the creation of this post ... yet.
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