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The VBAC Heard Round The World

Posted Dec 19 2009 12:00am

Earlier this fall, Joy Szabo, mother of 3 boys expecting her 4th made National news in her fight to have a Vaginal Birth after Cesarean. 7 months into her pregnancy, Joy was informed due to a change of policy in her local hospital, where she had given birth to her 3 boys, she could not have a VBAC. Joy had given birth vaginally to her first child, and her second child had become an emergency cesarean section, and her third child, at Page Hospital, was born via Vaginal Birth after Cesarean. When she learned she was pregnant with baby boy #4 she knew she would like to have another VBAC as she did with her last pregnancy.
There was no medical reason she could not, the only reason was the hospitals new policy.
So what did Joy do? She met with hospital administration which then threatened her with a court ordered cesarean section if she was to not consent to a repeat c-section.


Talk about a total abuse of power.

So instead of becoming a victim of hospital policy, Joy Szabo spit in the faces of Page hospital and found a new provider and hospital so she could have the birth she wanted and which was best for her and her child.

"About three weeks before her due date, Szabo moved nearly six hours away from their home in Page, Arizona, to Phoenix to give birth at a hospital that does permit women to have VBACs."

On December 5th, 2009, Marcus Anthony Szabo was born, via Vaginal Birth After Cesarean at a whole 7 pounds 13 ounces.

"It was such an easy birth," Szabo says. "I was in the pains of labor for about four or five hours, then I pushed once, and he popped out."

Such an easy labor, and birth... but had she not decided to move 6 hours away from her husband and 3 other children, she would have been subjected to unnecessary surgery, and brutal recovery.

All I have to say to Joy is...

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