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the unexpected lessons of blogher12

Posted Aug 07 2012 7:06pm
{deep thoughts on the stoop. carrie bradshaw style}

I have many deep thoughts on BlogHer  2012 in NYC.
But I'm much too tired to express them at the moment.{I don't do travel with time change very well apparently.  Can I blame perimenopause for that too?}
So for today, I'm going to allow my pictures to tell most of the story.

First of all, the city is beautiful and amazing and intimidating and busy.
There is so much to see, so much to get distracted by, so many ways to get lost.
{there's an app for that.  thank goodness.}
Thankfully, this was the last picture I took in my final moments in the city.
A bit of serene and nature in the midst of chaos....


I learned I love to visit big cities, but I am most definitely small town girl.


And then there was my roommate, Mama Kat .

{did you know Mama Kat irons??}

Because of her, I never felt the need to attend sessions, since everything I could have possibly wanted to learn, I learned from her.

I learned who was who (I'm apparently quite clueless in the blogging world), what was what (tweetdeck and subscribing to blogs has changed my life!  get on it now!),
and how to perfect the most awesome awkward moments in life.

{sometimes, it's not all about me.  a lesson i learned over and over again at blogher.}
{pictured with Mama Kat & the Bearded Iris who also enjoy awkward moments}

I'm so thankful I got to spend some quality time with my first ever blogging friend, and that she was willing to let me tag along to all her VIP events and fluff her dress and hair when it was needed.
{it wasn't.  she's as perfect in person as she is online.  i mean, just look at the company she keeps.}

I also learned that between her and I, pretty sure there's web series/tv show potential in there.


{with ScaryMommy }

And you can't miss our unbelievable dancing skills in the video below....

{ via  the beautiful Diane}


Besides all the learning and hilariously awkward moments, my favorite moments definitely included meeting and spending time with some incredibly sweet and authentic people.

For all the snobby types who won't give you the time of day, the ones I had the chance to really get to know made all the times I felt invisible absolutely worth it.
blogher12 { Jen & Rachel }

blogher12.5 { Jessica , Loukia }

blogher12.6 {ran into one of my fave city girls, Allie }

blogher12.8 { Tonia  & Danielle}

blogher12.10 { Alice Bradley , who I think was quite excited to meet me.  Again.  Or maybe it was the other way around?}

Not pictured but included:
Amanda from Parenting by Dummies , Roo from Nice Girl Notes , Izabel from  AlphaMom , IamBossy,  Alex from  Alexandrawrote , every single one of  TheBlogFrog girls, Amy Windsor , Ooph , Randy from CafeMomStudios , Vodka Mom , Nap Warden , Carabee from Land of Bean
{and many more... i just can't link anymore if I ever want to get this posted.}


{slightly sad to leave, slightly car sick from crazy shuttle drivers.}
The time change was tough.I didn't make it to a single session.My lack of experience in heels long term made dancing a little tough.And nobody seemed to know who I was... "Oh! You're on the Mommalogues too??"
But the friendships I made and grew were worth it.The swag (Alpha Mom wins hands down) was amazing.And I most certainly walked away with lessons in blogging I never expected, and a contentedness with where God has my blog for now.
What I wore out: BlogHer edition coming next!
© 2012 "Le Musings of Moi"
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