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The Today Show, NYPD Blue and Lip Gloss

Posted Sep 12 2008 11:33am

First off, thanks for your nice comments! I would respond to them when they come in but they always say "no reply" or most of them. What's up with that? Anyone blog savvy? It's not that the comments are anonymous it's just that they don't come from an email address. Anyway...

Today Show: I've got to say, it wasn't as bad as I thought. As a lot of people have commented already here and other places, both Meredith and the doc lightened up quite a bit. I talked to Dr. J before hand and told her I was just going to stick by the fact that a drink or two is not a big deal around the kids and she could say whatever she wants. Melissa had given me the advice to have a little blurb in my head that I could repeat whenever. So, in my mind I just kept thinking "we're talking about moderation, here." Those emails were ridiculous. Especially the one from the MAN that just said I don't think women should ever drink around their children no matter what the reason. Okaaaay. Bottom line, there were fresh bagels in the green room.

The more interesting part of the story to me, and then I will open up the floor to questions, is that the night before, having just flown in, I couldn't sleep. Not the half asleep but keep waking up kind of insomnia but the full blown I'm not even tired right now and my mind is racing like I've had eight cups of espresso insomnia. Not good. Of course, like all those stupid commercials for sleep-aids, the more I thought "shit, I've got to be on tv in 5 hours" the less sleep wanted anything to do with me. So, after watching at least 5 hours of an NYPD Blue marathon (which I'd never seen before and I must say, it was a good show - although (tangent time) wasn't Rick Shroeder supposed to be on it? There was no sign of Mr. Silver Spoons on any of the episodes I saw), I got up showered and prayed the Today Show would have Visine. They did. And then I went out and did the show on pure nerves and caffeine. Oh and I was really really drunk.

So now I'm home and having slept last night, I feel back to my normal slightly irritable self. And I have a blister on my foot from wearing heels for two hours. I never ever wear heels. I like to be able to run at the spur of the moment. So just wearing them for that long made my heel bleed. I tell you, I'm not great at being a girl. Not that I was a gender reassignment surgery or anything, I just feel like a complete fraud in a dress. Yet, I'm obsessed with lip gloss. Hmm...something for a therapist to sort out I think. On second thought, maybe I do need more sleep.

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