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the things I know for sure (part 2)...

Posted Jun 11 2009 12:00am

Since becoming a mommy I have learned quite a few interesting things. Things that I may not have learned if I was not "taught" by my children. LOL! Here goes... The things I know for sure are... That I NEVER give the "tribe" rice for dinner without already knowing that they will throw it EVERYWHERE!... In order to not have a ton of laundry they need to be bibbed at ALL times!... That in order for us to have a good experience when we go out to eat we need to have their pocket bibs with us. They seem to catch EVERY crumb & serve as their plates!... ALWAYS have a travel container of wipes with you so messy faces & sticky hands can be wiped!... That even though their quad stroller is one MAJOR pain in the neck it gets the job done!... That most stores do not have enough stroller room for one stroller let alone a quad stroller!... When traveling hide a stash of small toys in the vehicle just to keep them amused!... That books are not only for reading but eating too! LOL!... That telling them you caught a bug will make them come to you EACH & EVERY time!... Never leave an open container out in the open or we will have a HUGE spill to clean up!... The tribe LOVES paper, any kind EXCEPT that which they sit on at the doctors office! LOL!... That certain seats in the 'burb are PRIME real estate & do NOT try to change the unassigned seating arrangement without a fight!... ALWAYS have another diaper under their bum when you are changing a poopy diaper!... and getting with the poopy theme I can now wipe a dirty bum with just ONE wipe! YEP!... That raising multiples is more expensive than I ever thought & VERY hard work!... Be prepared because people will ask MANY questions about our life... AND that no matter what I say people are going to have their own opinion about our "tribe"... These are...

the things I know for sure(part 2)...

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