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The swankiest baby monitor on the face of the earth

Posted Oct 10 2013 11:52am

Angelcare provided me with this baby monitor to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own. 

Back when I had my first child – you know -almost 10 years ago? In the dark ages? Baby monitors were fancy if they came with more than one receiver. By the time I had Sophie, video monitors were all the rage. A video monitor? WOW! Even the Jetsons couldn’t have dreamed this up!

Well now, we have reached the “Back to the Future III” era of baby monitors. I present to you, the Angelcare AC1100 Digital Video, Movement, & Sound Monitor . It is super-swanky, y’all! It would take me 1,000 words to truly verbalize all it’s features, but I’ll try to give you the big picture in fewer than that.

I agreed to review the Angelcare AC1100 because we still keep a baby monitor on Jonah. Because of my sleeping problems, I have to sleep with REALLY LOUD white noise, so Bobby and I can’t hear Jonah from down the hall if he is in distress without a monitor. And we love having a video to see what he’s doing at naptime when he’s not napping! The Angelcare is amazing, but it is really much more than we need for Jonah at this point. However, if I were a new parent, this is the one I would buy. Here’s why! Just a few of my favorite features:

  • Great color digital video picture with zoom, so you can get up in baby’s business if you need to!
  • Walkie talkie feature!!! You can soothe your baby with your voice without having to go in the room. I LOVE this – wish I’d had it earlier.
  • Parental Unit locator – I’ve needed this a few times too! Find your receiver with the touch of a button. (I also need one of these for my cell phone…)
  • Movement alarm – if you have a newborn or child with health needs, this is a great feature! There is a monitor pad you place under the mattress that monitors movement. An alarm will sound if there’s no movement in the crib after 20 seconds.
  • LCD touch screen on the receiver. YES! It’s like the smartphone of baby monitors!
  • Temperature display – the parental receiver tells you what temp it is in the baby’s room. This is such a great feature! Our boys’ room gets really hot and cold in summer/winter so this is super-handy for us to make sure they are comfortable.

There are plenty more features but these are my favorite. They all come together to make this a really versatile monitor. And  if you don’t need a certain feature – like the under-the-mattress movement sensor, for example, you can easily turn it off.

Since, as I said, this is more than we really need for Jonah right now (not that I don’t love it) we are giving this to my brother and sister-in-law who have recently been licensed as foster parents and will likely have a baby or toddler in their home very soon. It’s nice to know that even though they will have different kids with different needs from time to time, they will have a monitor that is versatile enough for each child they care for.

Thanks, Angelcare, for making such a cool tool for parents and baby safety, and thanks for letting me review it!

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