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The Struggle is Real

Posted Nov 20 2013 12:00am

One of my kids says that all the time. It drives me completely batty. Anytime she has an issue, she says this as a comeback – the struggle is real.

But for me, there's nothing more fitting.

I feel like I've been slogging through mud uphill in the rain since about the middle of September. Right after I got my kids settled in school, as a matter of fact, everything started going downhill. And then we had the frantic, overwhelming chaos of the last three weeks of my father-in-law's life, the week in the hospital, the funeral, and trying to get back into what passes for me as a normal routine – I'm really having a hard time.

The world went on without me, while I was floundering. And as a result, I missed a few key things for my kids. The deadline for the New York trip for my daughter – the one that she really wanted to go on – well, that flew by. So did the sign up for summer intensive programs. As did the sign up for a sport one of my kids wanted to to participate in. I did, however, manage to brute force my way through one thing, and so my son will get to go to hitting camp next month. We missed open house night for high schools for next year for my middle son. I'm pretty sure I missed at least one if not more instructional evenings as well. I haven't done funeral ministry, cleaned the church, gone to exercise classes, attended ballet classes, or even gone for a walk since about the first of October. I have several reviews piled up, which means that it'll be review heavy here for a bit more. We missed the first night of confirmation class for my daughter, and as a result, spent a highly entertaining evening last night in the Spanish version.

My daughter is fairly fluent in Spanish. Me? I know nothing.

My husband has been great, filling in as much as he can – I didn't even tell you about the time that he stayed up several hours into the early morning, and did all of the ironing that's piled up. But there's been very little help from other areas, areas in which I'm finding myself feeling very resentful.

Wow. I guess I found the area of my life I need to work most on, and that would be resentment

But I'm plugging away. Yesterday, I attempted to clean off my desk of all the random paperwork. All the thank you notes have been written and mailed. The reciprocal Mass cards have been done. The bedroom has been cleaned out. Everything has been taken to the thrift store, and I'm trying to get back on solid footing.

I just wish I knew were some solid footing was. And I might need a hand to get up there.

I did create this, though:

The Struggle is Real


Terrifically awkward segue:

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