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The social life of a 7-year old girl...

Posted Jan 16 2012 1:15pm
I met Bella outside her classroom the other day after school.  She and another little girl in her class were chatting about the day's events.

As they bid one another farewell, the little girl shouted to Bella, "Call me!"

I glanced at Bella and asked, "Uh, did she just tell you to call her?"

Bella nodded her head.  "Yeah, she gave me her phone number.  She wants me to call her tonight."

"But you just spent an entire day with her at school and I'm assuming you sat by her at lunch and played together at recess.  What on earth could you two have to discuss that you haven't already talked about," I grilled her.

With her signature rolling of the eyes, she answered, "We have lots to talk about."

Oh, quickly you forget what it's like to be a young girl in the midst of fitting into the social scene at the local elementary school.

With a huge sigh, I left it at that and figured she'd probably space out and completely forget to call her friend.

But, of course, she didn't.  Because this is Bella we're talking about, after all, and she can still remember the flavor cake I made for her 3rd birthday party.  This child has the memory of an elephant.

That evening, after dinner, Bella grabbed the phone and asked me to dial the girl's number.

I teased, "The rule should be that if you can't even dial your friend's number then you shouldn't be using the phone."

Her voice riddled with obvious annoyance, she huffed, "Mommy, come on!  Please dial her number for me."

"Let's make sure you have proper phone etiquette before it gets potentially embarrassing.  When her mom or dad answer the phone, you say 'Hi, may I please speak to Natalie?  This is Bella, her friend from school'.  You don't say 'Let me talk to Natalie' or 'Is Natalie there'.  Be polite.  Don't yell into the phone.  And don't spit into the phone, for the love of God," I explained.

"Spit into the phone!" she repeated.  "What's the big's not like the spit is going to land on her through the phone!"

"Yeah," I said.  "But I might be the next one to use that phone and I don't want YOUR spit all over MY face."

Another signature eye roll and another "Mommy, come on!"

She was growing impatient with me.  I do love to have my fun.

Once I dialed the number for her and assured that she was politely requesting her friend and identifying herself as the caller, I nodded my head, giving Bella permission to take the phone with her to the top of the staircase where she wouldn't be bothered by the excessive noise coming from her 3 obnoxious brothers.

After a few minutes of wondering what the hell these girls could be discussing that simply could not wait until the next day, I decided to spy and heard Bella saying, "OMG, I know...Totally...Oh, I know...Yeah...  Whatever... OMG, she did?...Yeah, I know...OMG!"

Pause for a few seconds of silence.  You know, let her friend get in some more words here and there.

And then, again, "OMG.  I totally can't believe that.  Tomorrow, let's just tell her that she can't play with us if she's not going to be nice."

Uh-oh, is there drama going on in the 2nd grade....again?   Of course there is.

She was quiet for a minute or two.

Then, "Okay....yeah.....uh-huh....I know.  Okay....yeah, see you tomorrow."

Bella handed the phone back to me and I had to ask, "Soooo....what's going on?  Any drama to tell your mama?"

She shook her head and answered, "No, I've got it covered."

"Oh, please, just tell me," I begged.  Because I don't have enough drama in my life after watching The Bachelor and Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Letting out a irritated sigh, she explained, "Well, we were having problems with a girl in our class being mean to us at recess. So Natalie and I just, like, decided to ignore her.  That's all."

"Oh, I see.  Sounds like you have it all under control, my little friend.  And I'm so proud of you for handling it the way you did.  Sometimes just ignoring a mean person is the best way to handle it.  Don't let them get under your skin, you know."

"Mommy, don't worry about me so much," she assured me.  "It was just one little thing.  No big deal."

The very next night, she was back on the phone again with this same little girl.

Only this time, they were discussing little brothers and how gross they are.

Ah, to be 7 years old again.

Then again, no thanks. Registered & Protected
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