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The Small Baby Blog

Posted Dec 20 2008 5:50pm
Somehow this blog has been taken over almost completely lately with the trials and tribulations of Sadie. It's weird because I do in fact have other interests but they have definitely been usurped by having a small baby. I started this blog a few months after I had Elby (my four-year-old for anyone who's new to my site) because suddenly having a newborn felt like living everyday with a 6.0 earthquake. The constant tension of the unknown, the responsibility of meeting an infant's needs - an infant who couldn't tell me what was wrong or what she wanted - was so overwhelming that if I didn't have an outlet I would have exploded. I didn't have many (any) friends with babies even at my ripe old age of 38 to commiserate with so imagine how relieved I was to find the Internet full of parents who understood my plight. Most of you don't have to imagine because you're right there with me.

A lot has happened since I had Elby: I wrote a book which took my career in an entirely different direction, started another book, got pregnant with twins (gaining over 50 pounds only six of which was baby), finished the second book, delivered twins and wrote and delivered a third book. Life was so much simpler with one child -I could blog about her fairly normal existance while also writing about my other true loves like Housewives of Orange County and poker and music and Paris Hilton and...well, important stuff. I kind of thought that having the twins would be exhausting but then life would get back to normal because, you know, I've kind of got that hang of this parenting thing now, but Sadie's issues threw everything for a loop. Now I know what real worry is. BUT...Sadie has gained 4 ounces in four days and if that keeps up I may actually go back to having a fun blog - full of tales of my prostitution days and my years in the pokey, my fourth marriage to an ex-porn star and my job as an elbow model. Or at least I can talk about Elby again. That would be a relief!

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