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The slippery slope of Christmas lies is covered in black ice …

Posted Dec 12 2012 4:58am

This post is for Tara Lara’s Gallery – the theme this week is ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’.

I took the 6 year old to see Santa last week. As we approached the sparkly grotto I noticed that the present buckets, that Mrs Claus was guarding, were aged 3-6 and 7+. Eager for him not to be disappointed by a toy that could potentially be suitable for a toddler, like last year, I said to him “When Mrs Claus (the present giver) asks how old you are just say you’re 7 or nearly seven”.

He is seven in a months time, but none the less I kind of asked my boy to lie … to The Big Man. As soon as I’d said it I wished I hadn’t spoken.

He sat next to Santa, eyeing the wonky beard suspiciously and Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas – he told him he wanted a bike. A good start. Then Santa, NOT Mrs Claus, asked him how old he was.

Time stood still as the 6 year old looked from Santa to me, eyes wide. He said ‘7’ as quietly as he could. Santa didn’t hear him so he had to say it again in a louder voice much to his internal horror.

And right there, he lied to Santa because I told him to.

When we got home he’d obviously been thinking about whether he’d be getting a stocking with a lump of coal and a mouldy clementine at the bottom the lie and said “That wasn’t the real Santa was it?” My buttocks clenched once more as I realised that the slippery slope of Christmas lies is covered in black ice, I ventured in with “Well as you know Father Christmas is very busy at this time of the year and he has some stand ins to help out”. A look of relief swept over my boy as he realised that he hadn’t actually lied to THE Santa Claus “Anyway, he didn’t have a very good beard”.

My guilt runneth deep and I have since had a discussion with him about lying – especially when your mother tells you to.

Oh, and the present? It was some sort of car which required batteries – except even with batteries it didn’t work.

That’s what I call Christmas Karma.

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