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The Saddest Part of Blogging..

Posted Mar 02 2013 11:17am

I was looking for a blog post here in my blog.. something about painting and how I can’t paint again after giving birth.. it’s a touching post.. or at least for me.. but I can’t find it!

As I was browsing my blog..nostalgia hit me.. you know, like looking in a photo album.. same feelings, same sentiments.. then I came across a post about one of my kids..

and my heart melts. no, more like, it scattered into pieces.. I cry.. reading that blog post made me realized how much time was lost between me and that boy of mine.. it was a very sad realization.. my heart ached for that time.. for the lost time with him..

I know there is no use crying over it.. but I cannot help it.. there’s a lump in my throat, part of me wants to scream and be angry at myself.. what have I done? too much on my hands back then..

It was a sad chapter in my life..even if I am now trying to make it up to him, I know times like this would always come.. and it would always be the same.. the lump in my throat.. that, wanting to scream..


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