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The Pet Edition of Laura Loves …

Posted Nov 20 2012 5:20pm

Monster Pet Supplies : If you have pets then you need to meet the team at Monster Pets. Since we got Jessie, our pup, last year, they have been on hand, on Twitter, to answer any questions I had or to advise what products would work with her chewing, house training and general dogginess (yes, it’s a ne word). I now order all our dog food, treats and toys from them every month. I use them mainly because they go out of their way to make sure you feel you’re getting a good service their prices are competitive, but also because they are just genuinely nice people who want your pets to be happy.

They have sent us some other things to help us along the way including a dog bed – which Jessie ate, some dog toys – which Jessie ate, some ‘stop chewing spray’ – which Jessie ignored and an ice cube tray … to replace the ice cube tray she had eaten the day before!

So, if you have pets and want the ease of ordering from home, from the lovely helpful Monster Pet Team then you need start by following them on twitter at @MonsterPetTeam . And if you know what sort of people you are dealing with, check out their ‘ …’ series on their blog.

Omlet’s Qute Ham ster Cage : You may remember Gerbil-Gate , during the Christmas of 2010? The one where Father Christmas delivered two gerbils, Itchy and Scratchy, the week before Christmas. The children discovered the gerbils, hidden, 2 days before Christmas, and I had to bend the truth into many fabulous shapes.

As with most small animals, the children wanted them desperately – play with the, lots, but after three weeks didn’t much care for the cleaning out of said pets.  That task fell to me.  We had a gerbil home with a plastic box at the bottom and a huge cage bit at the top.

Whenever I cleaned them out, it was like a military operation.  It went a bit like this … find gerbils who have buried themselves in bottom of plastic bit, catch gerbils – gerbils run fast, shove gerbils in a temporary box, beat children off with a stick who want to play with gerbils, beat dogs off with another stick, clean plastic bottom bit, clean cage bit, chase gerbil that has escaped from temporary home,  swear, berate children, berate dogs, replace gerbils in plastic box bit and try to wedge cage on before gerbils make yet another escape. Swear.

It was a monthly trauma, and one which I dreaded.  I wanted them children to care for their pets but if I struggled I can can only imagine that the children’s attempts would end in two dead gerbils and two happy dogs.

Then we were sent a Qute Hamster Cage from Omlet. The gerbils weren’t offended that it was for hamsters – they’re gerbils, it’s not like they can read.

This is where gerbil cleaning improved; using middle tube trap gerbils in top part of Qute, pull bottom plastic tray out, empty into bin, clean and replace bedding, put plastic box back, pull tube down.

Hey presto, no swearing and happy living-in-luxury gerbils. Plus, apart from it looking good, it’s so easy that the children can help clean it too. Muhahaha.

This is a video, from Omlet, which shows how easy it is;

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