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The Party

Posted Sep 25 2013 3:30am
Queen Elisabeth  
turned six,
 and it looked like this:

  photo 2b2691c4-3e3b-4dd3-9368-84ac8c5e0ba7_zpsb0461cb5.jpg A crown fit for a queen.
  photo 6f8bee31-576b-4fdc-ad01-a799f12eef85_zpse0eb63ac.jpg  photo efb1e1b4-dfd5-4c2c-af3b-1fe8bf560674_zps5cf8dab6.jpg When you have a forever baby, birthday parties tend to look like baby showers. Lorelai thought elephants and binkies would be the perfect way to decorate. I think she was right.
  photo e3a7bece-9ea1-4718-8420-df79d94a1536_zps55be59a9.jpg  photo 965ddee1-fcb6-4ee2-8272-e31ee22289af_zpse6a14a6b.jpg  photo b2768403-1c29-4df5-9a61-c98ed5395366_zpsbdac33f0.jpg  photo ae748ecc-81fe-481f-a42c-194059a65a93_zps6354bd38.jpg The girls dolled Brigitta up for the party. Doesn't she look ladylike?
And Brigitta wasn't the only one to get dressed up for the occasion...   photo 00847f07-d627-4677-a6a1-7292f6fc010a_zpseebbe91a.jpg  photo 1fd06729-ce80-40d3-b3e8-ee8a8461e3ee_zps7d2682c8.jpg photo c114b937-9c55-4b52-8979-13a10b9bee5a_zpsec95430a.jpgAnd that's how a queen turns 6!

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Elisabeth's 1st Birthday Party
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