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The Parent Experiment

Posted Mar 07 2011 3:05pm

In general I like the company of other parents. I think it’s imperative to have good relationships with your kids’ friends’ parents so that everyone feels all comfy cozy when their kids hang out with each other. Plus, when our kids are young (especially newborns) it’s just nice to feel like we’re all in one boat rowing for our lives and we have other people to bitch to about the cramped quarters and possible chance of not making it to shore…or at least never taking another shower.

When I was a brand new mom I was somewhat of a whore. I would spend time with anyone who had kids and expressed even the slightest interest in engaging with me. I would wheel Elby through the mall in her pimped out Graco and strike up conversations with anyone with a kid – sometimes it was bordered on pathetic. “Hi. I notice you have a pretty new baby there! I have one too! What do you call yours? Wanna grab an Orange Julius?” I did get a few phone numbers this way but, not surprisingly, no lasting relationships. Eventually I did become friends with one mom I met at a park and another one I bonded with at a mommy and me class. The mommy and me class I only joined because I was desperate to make a friend but it was tough because I brought along my baby and a bad attitude. I didn’t want to sing the songs or recite the rhymes as a group. I felt like isn’t it enough that I make faces, read stories and sing songs to my kid 23 hours a day why is it necessary to do it in front of an audience? The second I found a like minded mom, we dropped out. I don’t think Elby missed it. At least she never mentioned it.

As cranky as I may sound, the bottom line is I crave connection as bad as the next parent. Having children is so huge that when you take on that role, it spills into every pore, every space, it takes over so completely that you naturally need to talk about it and keep talking about it and figuring it out and after all is said and done you’ll still need to know more.

Which is why I’m loving my new job as the co-host of The Parent Experiment on Adam Carolla’s ACE Broadcast Network. I’m hosting with Lynette Carolla who not only is normal, cool, down to earth and relatable, she is also funny and a good listener. My job is mainly to do what I do which is tell the truth about my experiences and get our guests to do the same.

Please help me keep this going by subscribing to the podcast which is FREE on iTunes and possibly going to the message boards and telling us what you’d like to hear us discuss and who you’d like to see as a guest.

I leave you with this cuteness

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