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The One Super Sucky Part of Being a Single Parent

Posted Jan 04 2010 2:16pm
Being sick while your kid is sick and there's no one around to take care of you. Well, the Boyfriend is here, but he's working, so I'm on my own.

Yes, it sucks to be sick when you're single or when you're in a couple, child-free or with child, or children, or whatever. I know, I know. So don't lecture me on how you've got it rough too. I'm sick. And I'm not saying, but I'm just saying, it sucks.

My kid doesn't really care that I'm sick and grumpy. She still wants to sing loudly all day. She wants me to be interactive in her magic tricks and role playing. Except when she was a cowgirl and banished me from the living room. She also demands a lot of snacks.

She's at the tail end of being sick, so I still have to make sure she takes her medicine and she gets plenty of ice pops which is the rule in the house. When you're sick you get the remote and all the ice pops you want...well, within reason.

I used to drink screwdrivers when I was sick. The orange juice made you feel better with all its vitamin C goodness and the vodka killed germs. I no longer keep a constant stock of vodka in the freezer, so I'm going to have to settle for plain old orange juice. Blah.

Okay, done bitching. Hope all of you are healthy and well.

And Pam out in FL, I hope you and your brood are doing better.
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