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The One-Dollar Legacy

Posted Aug 24 2012 6:36am

In honor of what is for many, back-to-school week, I want to tell you the story of a very fine educator and his legacy.  That educator is my brother, Andy.  (Yes,  my hairy brother .)  He’s been teaching high school science for  an eternity about 15 years or so.

Andy, the eduquarter. I mean the educator.

In fifteen years, he’s taught a lot of students.  Recently,  I had, on separate occasions, the chance to meet two of his former students, both a few years out of high school.  When they heard I was his sister, they both went on and on about how nice he was, and what a great teacher he was, and how much they loved his class…

…and then they both said the exact. same. thing.

“But what I remember the most about him is that he showed us how he could put four quarters up his nose.”

Let me just type that again for you.

“But what I remember the most about him is that he showed us how he could PUT FOUR QUARTERS UP HIS NOSE.”

What?  Well, I guess that’s what I would remember most, too, because OHMAHGAH EEEWWW!

One of his former students told me this when we were sitting in the lobby of the DENTIST’S OFFICE. What am I supposed to say to that??

I’m proud of you, brother.  You are leaving a lasting legacy.  A fine education that is worth no less than one whole dollar.

Do you put the quarters in some sort of sanitizing solution when you’re done with them? Because I really do not want to think of those two-bits back in circulation.

People. Use quarters with caution!  You do not know where they have been.


My sister-in-law just informed me that it’s four quarters IN EACH NOSTRIL.

Two-Dollar Legacy.

I can’t even continue writing.

WE SHARE THE SAME DNA!!! I fear for my children!

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