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The Old Ninth Green at Nine Trick

Posted Oct 02 2012 9:02am

As some of you may have noticed, we’re approaching the most wonderful time of the year (not really) – MLB playoffs. The Reds are totally in (woot!) and the Cardinals are maybe possibly going to be in too, so my husband – die-hard fan that he is – wanted to be prepared and to display his support of his favorite player, Alan Craig. So, of course, he turned to the interwebs and upon googling “Alan Craig jerseys” came up with an amazing site – Not only did they have the jersey – the normally-$100+ item was on sale for $20! And only $20 (?!?) for shipping! A better deal there had never been. I mean, they even offer TWO discounts!

And I quote:

Discount 1: Orders Over 20 Items will have 5% off, Over 60 Items will have 8% off, Over 100 Items will have 10% off. It will be auto discount by website.

Discount 2: Accept Credit Card Payment, If Credit Card Can Not Pay Success, Please Pay Western Union, And Pay western union will be discounted 10% off.

Cheap China Wholesaler!

So what the hell, let’s order four of them for the low low price of $108.36.

Except when he tried to actually make the order, the online checkout didn’t work. Shocker. So he calls in the reserves – me. Clearly this was a scam. So what do I do? Give the people our credit card number! Why, I don’t know. The transaction didn’t go through, thank goodness, but we had gotten far enough for the people to see that it was attempted, which kicked in their “customer service.”

First, “Sally” sent a note…

Just checking your email , You should receive an order confirmation email after submit this order. When we received the money, we’ll send your order in same day, and send the tracking number to you by email, if something of your order is out of stock, we will send email to you also, so please check your email before get the tracking number everyday.

No response from the morons in Ohio, so “Sally” tried again.

Dear friend,

Sender Name
First name: Qiaofang
Last name: Wu
Address: Putian , Fujian Province , China
Postcode: 351100
Total amount is $71 (this is after 10% discount.)
Please tell me follow informations below when you pay it!
1>.MTCN (Western Union Control Number)
2>.Sender name (First Name, Last Name) .
3>.Money amount

Thank you very much,

Linda? I thought it was Sally! And who is Qiaofang Wu?

That did work either, so they called in Jane.

Thanks for your order
Your payment is check by bank, please do not pay again, several hours we will know the status of this payment. if do not pay sucess we will send you email
Hope longer busienss with you

Not long after Jane’s email, Andy went to pick up a pizza – only to have his credit card declined. Sure it was a mistake, he tried it again at the Redbox machine. DECLINED. He called the bank and someone – Jane or Sally had charged $20 at a fast food restaurant in Boston and then sent the number over to Qiaofang Wu, who used it to charge $200 worth of groceries in New Mexico. Fortunately our bank caught it, and the jig was up.

However, it just goes to show – if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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