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The Nightmare That Is Potty Training

Posted Apr 09 2012 8:45pm

So I had my son 3 years ago and I was fine with dealing with everything until it came to potty training him and I put it off for as long as possible because of my worries about it, but when he started school last September as he was turning 3 in September I knew he would have to be trained and I would have to face my fears. So after reading lots of books about perfect parents and how they had there kids trained in 3 days I started to wonder if it could really be that difficult. After reading the books and huge number of resources available I bought:

  • A 3 in one potty – step/toilet seat/sat on the floor potty
  • 3 Packs of pants, each had 7 pairs – I wasn’t taking any chances
  • Potty training chart

As he was a boy my son was rather lazy and we had a huge number of accidents. The first morning I took his nappy off and explained all about the pants and told him if he had a feeling to sit on the potty and that he would get a sticker as a reward. Nothing worked all day and there was that many pants in the wash and that much wee on the floor and carpets I was starting to get frustrated. My family convinced me to carry on with the training – I had already tried to train him when he turned 2 but that was a nightmare and now he was 2 years and 10 months so I really needed to persevere.

I then tried my next tactic of asking him every 15 minutes and putting him on the potty straight after drinks (amazing how quickly it passes through) and also sitting him on the potty every 30 minutes for a couple of minutes. This seemed to work a lot better and I was ending up with more wee in the potty finally. I made sure I stayed in the house as much as possible for this week so he could get used to the potty as I didn’t feel I was ready to take potty training outside yet. After a week we were having virtually no accidents so therefore decided to start going out, I still asked if he needed the toilet every 30 minutes and gradually he picked it up so by around 4 weeks he was fully trained.

My daughter turned 2 in February and so I decided to train her as well. I did mostly the same method of buying pants and a sticker chart and her own potty and gave her the information about if she felt the urge to sit on the potty, whether it was because she had watched her brother do it so much or whether girls are just quicker I am not sure but she picked it up straight away and loves to sit on the potty – After around 3 days she had even had poo on the potty and wasn’t even bothered about the stickers – Now my only challenge is getting her to keep her trousers on in the house after she has been to the potty!!

Potty Training and my experience written by Gemma Dawson, Owner of GD Party Supplies, offering a huge selection of kids party supplies including peppa pig party supplies .

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