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The Next Danny Elfman? John Williams?

Posted Jan 10 2013 9:22pm

Sam was anticipating seeing Monsters, Inc. 3D this afternoon, which is a movie she has seen before. She sat down at the piano and told this whole story of monsters coming to scare little kids, and the kids scaring the monsters back. She told the story to music – music that she was writing as she went along. I mean, it didn’t have a tune, but it had all the right intonations for a soundtrack. As the monster is sneaking up on the girl, the notes are low and quiet and discordant  but they get faster and louder until there is a BAM of mish-mash keys. Sam says, “That’s when the monster said, ‘BOO!’” And there were parts where the piano notes were supposed to sound like monster claws clicking on the ground, and little kids dreaming, and little kids being scared. It went on and on – a fabulous story, but a totally incredible soundtrack. Some parts of the music had lyrics like “monster coming up to get you, hiding under your blanket, monster coming up to get you…” but others were narration with background music.

Just stunning. I know she can interpret music, but I didn’t know she could create the right music to suit a situation or an emotion. And she did it without any real thought or planning. She just sat down and went into the zone and played it. It didn’t even bother her that her little brother was pecking away at the high end of the keyboard at the same time. She was into her own little world. I told her that there are jobs for people to do this work. She could be a writer of movie soundtracks. Wish I could have captured this on video – it was a thrill.

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