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The Machine Myth: Get Kids Off the Machines

Posted Apr 01 2009 3:48pm

This article found in PFP Magazine offers the other side of the argument of "Is it safe for kids to use exercise machines or not?" There is a school of thought that believes that it is actually safer for them to use machines for working out since they eliminate some of the dangerous aspects of free-weight training. The author Brian Grasso, current CEO for the International Youth Conditioning Association, presents a very convincing argument that non-machine training is, in reality, safer and should be the preferred method for workouts in kids. Sports involves many muscle groups performing as a unit. Machine training isolates certain muscle groups which eliminates the body's natural capacity to provide mobility and stability in an interrelated manner and decreases the body's ability to protect itself. Now that this article was presented, think about it, your child, and see what interests him or her -- depending on the age and training received, machines can be an excellent complement to workouts and keeping kids and teens active and healthy.
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