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the lone frosted flake in the sea of cheerios...

Posted Apr 19 2010 5:46pm
Each morning we have the dreaded discussion over what we are going to have for breakfast. I dread it SO much that sometimes I will even ask the night before just to prepare myself! Don't want them asking for something I do not have! It can be a catastrophe if that happens! (= On a "rushed" day it is most likely going to be cereal. Mainly because it is easy & they can eat it on the way. This makes Brendan VERY happy! He is our cereal eating machine. He LOVES LOVES LOVES his cereal! The girls like it too but when I say he likes it I mean he is obsessed with it! He could eat it every day if he could! He also knows his products. Don't try giving him frosted mini wheat's when he asked for Frosted Flakes. There will be hell to pay if you get those confused! LOL! God forbid we ran out of Frosted Flakes & we only have Cheerios! Oh Boy! I will then have to have this LONG discussion with him to prepare him for a "different" cereal. The even funnier thing is that he switches it up daily. It's like he has his own little routine that I am not privy to! He will ask for Cheerios for like 3 days straight & on the 4th day when I go to fill his cup up with Cheerios he wants Frosted Flakes! I must say that he keeps me on my toes! My hubby did not believe me in the beginning when I would tell him how he would ask me for cereal. He thought I was taking the easy way out, not making a HOT breakfast. If hubby had his way the tribe would get eggs every morning! I'm telling you like I told him he will actually use the words, "I want cereal Mommy", not I want Cheerios, but cereal! In my book if asking for cereal every morning gets him to eat a good breakfast I will oblige him! My little man knows what he wants & he is not afraid to be...

the lone frosted flake in a sea of cheerios...

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