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The Joys of a Full Plate

Posted Nov 06 2008 11:39pm

I have ever EVER so many things to take care of this week. A brief overview:

  • Sell the SUV
  • Attend our Objectivism study group for the first time in months
  • Watch my friend's kids for a while
  • Call a plumber about an issue at the cabin
  • Somehow get up to the cabin to meet the plumber peopleguy, coordinating with Brendan because we'll only have one car
  • Music Class
  • Follow up on our house insurance
  • Follow up on our car loan request
  • Balance the books for the cabin business
  • Finish collecting clothes for my friend's new baby girl due in March
  • Mourn for the Colts (who are sucking as of right now, probably because I am watching the game)
  • Close out our safe deposit box at one bank and move everything to the new bank
  • Buy a new car
  • Arrange for a UHaul for this weekend at the cabin because I want to move out all the stuff I don't want (seriously, I need some takers on the stuffed birds)
  • Figure out a budget for decorating the cabin
  • Pay bills
  • Respond to a zillion emails
  • Follow up on Morgan's head injury (as of 10 minutes ago, big goose egg over her eye, will be an ugly bruise for sure)
  • And of course, handle the myriad day-to-day issues with the Little Ones, from book-reading to diaper-changing, from spelling words to arbitrating disagreements, from locating tape (again with the tape) to drawing Hello Kitty yet again, from listening to their stories to answering their questions, from fixing meals to fixing ouches, from consoling their disappointments to cheering their accomplishments. (And those are just the things I can think of off the top of my head!)

It feels so nice to be busy with productive work. Each of these items from my to-do list will help further a specific goal for me and my family. Although I'm not sure how I can possibly get all of these things done, this will be an extremely fun, fulfilling week.

I feel the need to quote Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand here (pp. 299-300).

The activity of productive work (if approached rationally) incorporates into a man's daily routine the values and virtues of a proper existence. It thus establishes and maintains his spiritual base, the fundamentals that are the precondition of all other concerns: the right relationship to thought, to reality, to values. A man doing productive work is a man exercising his faculty of thought in the task of perceiving reality and achieving values.
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