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The great cousins sleepover!

Posted Aug 14 2013 8:27am

Four score and Two weekends ago, Emily’s kids came over to have a sleepover with my big kids., because for SOME reason, Emily thought it would be “more fun” to celebrate Andy’s 40th birthday with some grown-up friends at a Reds vs. Cardinals game and leave her kids with me. (Just kidding, they took the kids to yet another Reds vs. Cardinals game the next day. And also, yes, it is more fun.)

Sophie spent the night with Kate and Sammy back in February when Joshua had some cool guy friends for a sleepover, but this was our first all-cousin bash.

And it was a hit! I wasn’t worried, but since I have memories of Emily and her sis calling their Dad to come get them from sleepovers at MY house at 11 pm, I was trying to keep things fun at our house just in case! You know, make it so they’d never want to leave.

Fortunately, we have a WiiU, and Emily doesn’t have a Wii at all. SO, we were able to indoctrinate the children into the world of video games, and ensure that Sammy WILL be asking Santa for a WiiU, which means he WILL get one, which means Nintendo definitely owes me a commission fee. Even Kate who declared at first that she was not good at video games, quickly learned that she CAN be good at video games, and she loved it!

Mwa-ha-ha-ha!  Then, I turned them into Young Republicans. Sammy went home wearing a white oxford, red tie, and navy blue sport coat. Oh, I kid!

So anyway, we had fun! And if the WiiU wasn’t enough, then we made Minions out of fake Twinkies, icing, and candy eyes! BECAUSE I’M A FUN MOM/FUN COUSIN, dangit!!!!


This was mine. That’s right. I’m way better at Minions than those CHILDREN are.

minion 3

Twinkie Minion

Too bad Minions aren’t gluten free…

Anyhoo, since we were on a roll in the FUN department, we also got Wendy’s for dinner, popped boatloads of popcorn, and watched “Wreck It Ralph”. After which, at 10:30 PM, the kids had a manic dance rave to the Japanese pop songs on the credits. Joshua was moving SO FAST, I think his popcorn *may* have been laced with ecstasy. It was crazy! He has got manic panic dance moves. All the kids were cracking  me up. I really wish I had that on film.

Then, those 4 kiddos went to bed with absolutely no problem whatsoever and we didn’t hear a peep out of them all night! The ones that I didn’t give birth to even slept in a little!

It was a great night. I sure do love my cousins. Emily really spawned some terrific kids and I’m so glad they are buddies with mine! Can’t wait to do it again!

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