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The Grand Adventure

Posted Aug 28 2013 12:00am

This magnet is on the back of my mom's car.

The Grand Adventure

My mom is a wonderful Nana to my kids. She takes them on trips, spends oodles of time with them, and they all have this amazingly close relationship with her. She devotes countless hours of her time and energy to building and continuing a relationship with them and I couldn't be half of the mother I am without her help.

My mom is one of the Redskins Football team's biggest fans. Several years ago, she was able to secure a spot on the season ticket list, and she's bought them every year. As the kids get older, it's a rite of passage that they are invited to drive to Washington, sleep in a hotel and go to a real!live!professional football game.

This year, it was my 11 year old's turn. To say that she was excited would be a slight understatement. She packed her suitcase - yes, for an overnight stay, one needs a suitcase - with six changes of clothes. (Well, duh - of course you need that many clothes, Mother, you don't know what the weather is going to be in Washington. It's a WHOLE STATE AWAY. Geesh, Mother, go back to your knitting.)

The Grand Adventure

The game was Saturday afternoon. They left the house after breakfast on Saturday, checked in to the hotel, and went to the game. She called me before bed, full of excitement. The game was awesome! They won! It was so cool!

I went off to my own bed. I slept poorly (surprise! It's a day that ends in Y, after all!) and was awake at 4:12 with one of the worst, most vivid and horrifying nightmares I've ever had. I got up, had a cup of coffee and breakfast, and went back to sleep at about 7. 

I slept one hour, but that hour - it was magical. Have you ever had an hour of sleep like that - so totally perfect that you just KNOW there will be no replication?

The next morning, my phone rang at about 8. It was my daughter, in hysterical tears.

They were in the elevator, and the power had gone out. They were stuck between floors.

And my super intrepid, fearless, thrill seeking daughter - well, this thrill had gone far ENOUGH, thank you, and she'd like to be done with it POST HASTE. It was very dark, it was hot, and she wanted out super yesterday. I promised would stay on the phone with her until they were rescued.(And, yes, as I was reminded on my personal Facebook - I wasn't there and I couldn't do anything about it, so it's not my problem - but, yes, it is, when it's your mom and your kid stuck in an elevator and one of them is completely falling apart and, you know? It's MY KID and MY MOM and it's TOTALLY MY PROBLEM and I'll worry if I want. Can't help it. It's just what I do and who I am.)

Using my cell phone, I looked up the number and I called the front desk of the hotel to report that, hey, two of your guests are stuck in that elevator - which took them COMPLETELY BY SURPRISE! - and they sent the maintenance man with his super special skeleton key - which didn't work. So. They called the fire department, who came with their equipment and after a very long, emotional, and hot hou, in which I was able to hear people knocking on the doors and calling to my mom as they tried to figure out where, exactly, the elevator was - between floors - and how they were going to get them out and then, suddenly, 

they were rescued.

As soon as they were out, and got themselves squared away, my daughter pronounced herself ready to go on another adventure!

And my mom and I were ready for a nap.

Adventures, I think, can be overrated.

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