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the get in shape resolution: dailey method

Posted Dec 31 2012 12:23am
Let me just confess that I am most definitely jumping on the bandwagon of getting in shape for 2013.  Me and the rest of the world, right?

Only, I'm a little different because this is my first official year where I've made it an actual resolution.  And of course it would come at a time when I'm now officially in my mid 30's and my metabolism is slowing down.

Suddenly mac n cheese, pb&j's and pizza just are doing it for me anymore if I want to ever wear a bathing suit again.


Some things really aren't fair.

Another thing making me a little different is that I didn't actually wait until January 1st to start my goals.  In fact, I actually started on Dec 1 when I turned 34.

Somehow over the last year, I fell far far away from my fitness and health ways.
I tried to jump start things by getting licensed to teach Zumba, but then my injuries (arthritis/plantar fasciitis) prevented me from going too far with it.
So, instead I moped around saddened at the news, and then sat on my booty and ordered pizza for comfort.

And then that booty grew.
It grew and it grew and it grew....
{i'll love you forever, i'll like you for always....}
But, I figured it was ok because it's just the trendy Kardashian way.

Only, it's not my way....and I knew it.

So, when I had the chance to take on a 30 day challenge with The Dailey Method here in my area, I totally jumped on it.
I was so excited to be pushed to work out again, and finally get back into the fitness groove.


And it so totally worked....

You know, I mean after I finally recovered from that first workout where I felt as though I may never be able to walk or laugh again without pain...

And when they recommended at least 3 times a week, I committed to 4 or 5.
I was determined!
{I dream of having the owner's body one day.  Talk about motivation.}
I may have been the one with the reddest cheeks and definitely the least flexible, but I showed up every single time I could.
And every time I went, it was awesome.

I think I may have even mastered the C curve.
And that's kind of a big deal.

Now that my month is done, I still have a ways to go to complete my health and fitness goals, but I owe The Dailey Method for getting me off my butt and giving me the motivation I knew I needed.

I most definitely will not give up now.
I did not shake to my core in those classes to walk away and plop down on the couch.
Oh no I didn't.

And I highly suggest that if one of your resolutions is to get in shape but you just don't know how...and you definitely need the push of some incredible instructors to get you there....then get on this offer now!

The New Year is the perfect time to approach life with a new attitude, and 
we have the best workout that can focus your mind, build a healthier, stronger
body and instill confidence and change - from the inside out!  Based on kinesiology and core alignment principles The Dailey Method will strengthen, tone, and lengthen the entire body to produce quick physical results and balance in the body.  All you have to do is find 60 minutes for yourself, three to four times per week, and our highly trained instructors will lead you through an amazing journey!

To help you jump start your New Year, we are offering the following two specials:

New Students: $100 for 6 weeks (an additional 2 weeks for FREE)
New and Existing Students: $140 for 10 pack (a $40 savings)
-available online or at the studio until January 21st-packages must be completed within 6 months of the purchase date-limit one per student-cannot be extended or transferred
Can't wait to share more about our goals and help each other get closer to healthier bodies and lives!

*huge thank you to Stephanie and Melissa for allowing me this fab opportunity!  best month ever!*

© 2012 "Le Musings of Moi"
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