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The Face Plant Part II

Posted Dec 20 2008 6:37pm

Last year, when I was busier than ever, I accidentally tripped over my pant leg while walking down my basement steps and proceeded to fall down the steps with a Jenny Craig pizza in one hand, diet coke and steak knife in the other. Since I didn't have any hands to break my fall, I landed flat on my face and to this day, I have a bump on my nose from the incident in question.

Fast forward to yesterday and "oops, I did it again." While walking in front of the courthouse where I've spent the better part of this month, I was carrying my laptop around my neck, a 30 pound satchel in the other when out of nowhere, my foot got tangled in my pant leg and there I was again. Falling flat on my face. But this time, since my hands were free, my laptop case, Dooney & Bourke satchel and a blue shoe went flying and I plummeted to the ground with both knees pounding the pavement.

When I tried to get up, I winced in pain and actually started to cry. And then I looked up and about five people were staring at me asking if I wanted them to send over a court officer. I tried to ignore my throbbing knees, put on a brave face and told them not to worry, that I'd be perfectly fine and then I grabbed my shoe, purse and laptop case and hobbled across the street to the mall to get a sandwich from Subway.

Still in shock from the fall, I decided to call my DH to let him know what happened. And guess what he asked me first? How's the computer? I guess I shouldn't take it personally, I mean all I had were bumps and bruises, if my Mac laptop was ruined in the process, I would have been livid. Thankfully, there wasn't a scratch or scrape and so I guess I got off easy - aside from the black and blue marks, swelling and red knees, I look perfect. I guess next time, I don't wear the pants, the blue shoes and I leave my bags behind. It always takes falling to the floor to get a little perspective on life.

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