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The end of My Lose More, Live More Journey

Posted Sep 19 2012 7:52pm
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ahh let me rephrase that.. today marks the end of my lose more, live more journey with the bloggers :) PRESSCON  namin today!! 

>>>inserts scream<<<

Obviously, this will be my first time to be on the spotlight.. I like covering events, but today it would be different! arggghh

Of course it’s not totally the end of the journey with them, our support group has just started and we’re all more eager to lose more and live more now that during the start of the program. For more than a month, we’ve been through a lot:

First, we had our initial check up, where in our sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides level were tested. We also did treadmill test and our vital stats were recorded too. You can read how HIGH my cholesterol and triglycerides on this blog post and what are the things I did to lower my cholesterol .

We were educated with the  importance of fiber in our body and what else we can do to lose more  (moving more and exercising).. and its not just about weight anymore..

We also expereinced what it’s like to do a near death exercise..OK I was just kidding, we experienced  CROSSFIT !

Crossfit is elite fitness for everyone at – from couch potatoes to seasoned athletes. It is a program that was originally developed by legendary coach Greg Glassman after his many years of watching, working with, and coaching all types of people.

Based on our experince, the routines were really easy, but oh noes! it was intense.. and we were not able to walk straight a few days after! You can read our CrossFit experience here as well as some weight loss tips from a very well known Nutritionist (Nadine Tengco).

After more than a month, we had our final check up..and I am happy that my triglycerides are now lower, same goes with my cholesterol. I also lost weight in the process.. that’s two birds in one stone no? I owe that to C-lium, to our support group and to the people who were with us during this journey.

So excuse me my dear readers.. I still have to practice walking with heels :)

Wish me luck (with the heels) hahaha


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