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The details.

Posted Oct 24 2012 7:28pm

We had our four-week follow-up/anatomy scan today and it was nothing but great news all around. The tech could tell within two seconds of putting the probe on my belly that the baby is a boy because he showed no modesty whatsoever. He flung it all out there, haha! It doesn't matter how many baby's I've had, seeing them on the screen takes my breath away every. single. time. I loved watching him jump and move and squirm and it was the coolest thing to see him kick on the screen and feel him kick in my belly at the same time. To say I am smitten with my second little man is an understatement. He was so active! He didn't make it easy for the tech to get her measurements, that's for sure. He was all over the place!

 Baby Boy's little foot 


Dr. Q (our geneticist) said everything looks fantastic and that all of the baby's organs and limbs look great. She looked over our scans thoroughly and said the heart, brain, kidneys, stomach, etc look good. She said that going by our NT scan, blood work and anatomy scan that we have no reason for concern whatsoever. She checked every marker for spina bifida and there were none that she could see, so she strongly believes that my elevated AFP numbers were from the baby we lost. I will have another scan in four weeks to check on little man and Baby B again and will remain high risk probably for the rest of my pregnancy. I will have NSTs (non stress tests) and BPPs (biophysical profiles) starting around 32 weeks so they can keep an eye on me. I guess some of the risks of elevated AFP levels are stillbirth, premature labor and other issues, so they're going to monitor me closely.

We did get to see Baby B again and it absolutely broke my heart to see how tiny it was in comparison to it's twin brother, who is measuring perfectly at 17w2d while Baby B was still measuring at 9w3d. From what they could see, it looks like my body has started absorbing the amniotic fluid surrounding the baby, but not the baby, who is tiny, only about 2.3 centimeters. Dr. Q believes that my body will continue to reabsorb baby B over the course of the next few months and that we will probably be able to see it in the delivered placenta. I haven't decided what we'll do yet as far as the placenta goes. Had I miscarried naturally I would have done something special with the remains and I feel similarly with this. I have read about planting the placenta in the dirt somewhere and planting a tree above it, but I haven't discussed it with Ryan fully. It kills me to think they'll just discard the placenta with Baby B attached after I deliver, but I'm not sure what other options we have at this point. I will have to do more research and figure it out between now and delivery day. 
Little man was head up, feet down but the tech said he will probably continue to flip for a while and not choose his final position until much later on. I'm hoping he flips and stays head-down as my due date approaches because the plan, for now, is another unmedicated VBAC. 

My MIL kept Franky and Mimi while Ry and I went to my scan and we wanted a cool way of telling them. We picked up a bag of baby blue balloons to blow up and tell them with. They are very excited about their baby brother. 

We're still thinking Harrison Ryan as baby boy's name but we aren't 100% sure yet. I don't want to announce the name and then change my mind a few weeks down the road, so for now we're not announcing it but are thinking Harrison will most likely be our boy's name. My mom asked that we somehow incorporate the name of a saint in baby boy's name because of what that lady told my aunt. Ryan and I are giving serious thought to it. So far our favorite saint's names are Martin (that's my dad's name and my Grammy named him after San Martin de Porres), Vincent (which is a name Ryan had on our "boy name" list anyway) and Thomas (because it means "twin"). If we're going the saint route, we're leaning heavily toward Harrison Martin but haven't decided for sure yet. 
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