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The Dancing HazelBug

Posted Oct 27 2010 12:00am

Hazel bug3

Introducing Miss HazelBug, the dancing critter with stripey appendages and a spotted tummy!

Hazel bug2

We had a little Halloween party for the kids in our culdesac, and Hazel was SO excited to finally be able to wear her costume.

Her head wasn't quite big enough to support the floppy antennae/eyeball contraption I fashioned on top of a headband, so the poor kid spent most of her time trying to put it back on her head.  Guess I'll need to attach elastic to the bottom tips of the headband so it will stay put.

Hazel bug1

Six legged critters, unite! 

Eliza insisted on being a ninja this year, so there wasn't much to be done for that except go buy some plastic ninja weapons.  Not exactly blog material.

Hyrum was begging to be Spiderman, so after trying to convince him (unsuccessfully) to be something which would provide some creative outlet for his Mommy, he got his wish with a store-bought costume.  Ack.  What is it with my kids?  Here they have a creative mommy with plenty of sewing skills, and they want a cheap plastic/polyester getup, made in China (sigh).  Ah well, at least I got to exercise my creative license on Hazel and some of my friend's kids.  More pics to come!

  Ennoble Encourage Inspire 8x10 red black

...So I've been working on some sayings to get printed into vinyl to make some more phrase boards.  I'll do a post about that later, but as I was working on them, I decided to do a fancier color version of these words (taken from an address by Joseph B. Wirthlin, "Live In Thanksgiving Daily").  This is too elaborate with the multiple colors to have it done in vinyl, but I thought it might be nice to share it with you if you'd like to print it on cardstock.  It's just the right size to fit into an 8 x 10 frame.  Why yes, you're welcome!

Ennoble Encourage Inspire 8x10 grey blue  

Here it is in blue and grey, if that's more your style...

Ennoble Encourage Inspire 8x10 brown green  

...or perhaps green and brown?  I've also done it in orange and grey and green and eggplant.

So:  click on the link below in the colors of your choice and enjoy!






If I really knew what I was doing on this here blog I'd be able to color code the words in the links, but for whatever reason it's not possible to colorize those links.  At least for me, anyway.  Am I forgiven?  Maybe someday I'll be more savvy at the design intricacies of Typepad, but for now this will have to do.  Happy almost-Halloween!

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