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The cricket is chirping... or the grasshopper hopping! Sonogram Update!

Posted Mar 18 2009 12:00am
Today was my ultrasound. I won't lie- I was so nervous that I was shaky.

When my name was finally called, a peace settled over me. It's funny how that can happen at times. I went to a different room than usual and had a different machine than usual. It was really grainy and hard to see (heck, she couldn't find my right ovary for quite some time).

The first thing to pop up on the screen was a huge black emptiness and my stomach flopped. The technician laughed and said, "That is your bladder! I'm always amazed by how much water people can hold when they tell them to do it." Yeah, thanks. Sigh of relief!

Then, as she moves the doppler around I catch a glimpse of a sac! And finally, my precious little baby, their heart visibly beating away at 157 bpm. I warn you the pictures are not great at all. I think baby's back was to us. I didn't see any arms or legs because the technology of this particular machine wasn't up to par. I was offered a vag. ultrasound to see more clearly but declined. All I cared about was the heartbeat! We'll have another U/S and a 3D U/S later.

Without further boring you to death with my spiel... meet our Cricket or Grasshopper (we only got one picture, so one is cropped):

Other news from the U/S- large cyst on left ovary, most likely ovulation cyst. Again, the machine really stank.

I'm 9 weeks 1 day, which is right on time based on LMP (the picture says 9 weeks 0 days because of that particular measurement of the baby's back).

Due date is October 20, 2009!

The heartbeat being over 140 only solidified my thoughts that baby might be a girl! And Butterfly decided to change her vote over to my side, too, without prompting. Poor Daddy is all alone, vying for a boy!

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