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The Cold and Flu in Pediatrics

Posted Nov 09 2008 10:45pm
Dr. Cason,

Danger has had a cold for just over a month now. It was REALLY BAD for about a week and a half but now is just kinda there. She has a couple of coughing fits a day, usually while sleeping and always has a runny nose and last week a very mild rash formed on her chest and back of her neck. I took her to the public health nurse and she said it was fine. When do I need to be concerned about it? Do I need to be concerned about it?- Nikki

Hi Nikki!

You did the right thing by taking Danger in to be evaluated. You should expect her to be feeling better in a few days, most upper respiratory tract infections should resolve by one to two weeks. If she persists with her symptoms or suddenly develops focal signs such as a fever, ear pain or worsening cough, then return sooner.

I'm not sure what's going on with the rash. It could be a mild form of eczema- which can flare when kids are sick. If it is spreading or your child has a fever and looks very ill then seek medical attention immediately.

At this time of year we see a lot of cold and flu symptoms in children. Most kids just need a little monitoring and plenty of fluids. Two previous posts that I have written on the subject are:

1. Cold and Flu Season- When to Take Your Child to the Doctor

2. The Flu in Children

I hope she feels better!

Sheila Cason MD
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