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The Bottom Of The Barrel is Lonely

Posted Oct 05 2010 12:00am

I'm scraping.

The bottom of the barrel of blogging, that is.

(Although, the bottom of the barrel of life is pretty accurate lately too - it's tough when sleep remains ever elusive)

But my draft folder is empty, my topic well as run dry, my kids are being total snots but none of it is bloggable. Lots of little annoying things are going on, my oldest is doing a ride along (2 of a bajillion planned) with the local police department (so he's pretty much off limits for topics!), the laundry is stacked knee high, the meals are (mostly) planned for the week, and how many times can I talk about not really much of anything?

This is where I resort to the commonly known blog tactic of (cue the foreboding music...)



What do you want to ask me?

I'm thinking that lots of you are long time readers, although I have seen some new faces lately. So, lay it on me. What do you want to know about me? What have I never covered, despite the fact that I've been doing this for (gulp) 8 years?

Is there something I haven't ever covered? Got a question about me that you've pondered forever and ever? Question about my kids, my blogging, my cooking, my weight loss, my love of boxing? My reading habit, my love of all things pumpkin, my inability to tolerate cinnamon oil?

Lay it on me.

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