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The best part of Thanksgiving in addition to the smokin’ goodness

Posted Nov 23 2012 10:59pm

Well, the turkey turned out FABULOUS! Randy did an amazing job smoking this turkey and we all agreed that the turkey was the best part of the meal yesterday. My hubs is indeed the Grill Master…. or smoke master in this case. I realized by the end of the day yesterday that he really was more interested in just telling people he smoked…….(a turkey) than anything else. He felt slightly naughty saying that.

photo (26) photo (23)

Some funny turkey giblets tidbits: We couldn’t find the legs. Like seriously thinking we had bought an amputee turkey. Then found them tucked in the cavity. Also found some other really scary stuff that had been brining with the rest of the bird until Randy realized it needed to be discarded. We weren’t sure if it was a body part. And we still haven’t found the wish bone. But not to worry because the carcass is still sitting on the kitchen counter. I know that is the most redneck thing I could ever admit to but it’s true. The main reason is because our trash is so full and overflowing that we have no room for more trash and if I put it on the ground next to the big trashcan our backyard will become a feeding frenzy among the neighborhood furballs. So we wait and stare into the dry bones of a dead turkey. Not sure what’s creepier….that or the fact that I would actually say it out loud.

photo (24) photo (25)

My claim to fame on Thanksgiving Day is that turkey cake on the left. It didn’t exactly look like the picture but it came close enough. A friend from church gave me a book of fun cake ideas. It’s like Pinterest but in booklet form which is kind of nostalgic and vintage these days. Ha! I’m a girl who loves her pen and paper so I will forever hang on to hard copies as long as I can. Call me old fashion if you want.

But let me tell you about the best part of the day yesterday….. We went to St. Thomas Episcopal church to deliver meals to homebound families and the kid’s school made 250 cards to be delivered with those meals. But it didn’t exactly turn out like we had thought.

photo (19) photo (20)

photo (21)

We were told to be there at 10am but realized quickly there had been a miscommunication and most of the meals had already been delivered. There were still a few people making delivery runs and so we were able to send about 60 cards with them and then we put some at the tables for the families that came to the church to eat. But most of the people being served that day were deliveries to their homes and they had already gone out. My heart was so sad at first…..our family was so geared up to deliver meals to families. We had made special cards for them. Prayed over them. Were excited about going and then it all changed. I was also thinking about all those extra cards made by the students and nobody to give them to. But God opened up an opportunity for us to go to the nursing home and visit some sweet sweet people. We gave out cards, prayed and spoke scripture over these people. Some of them we knew and many of them we didn’t. Sophie and her friend Jace, who is in her class, quoted Psalm 100 to some of the people. This was so amazing because those who knew the Word ended up saying it with them and were so touched by it. I had tears in my eyes every time they spoke the Word over these precious people. It was a memory I will always have. Simply beautiful. We walked up and down the halls busting in on total strangers but the fact is, they loved it. They loved the kids. Mitchell prayed with one lady and carried the box of cards. Sophie and Jace would hand one person about three cards and then say Psalm 100 to them. Their whole class has memorized this Psalm and boy do they ever know it. And when they say it they say it with all the confidence and gusto in the world. Jace looked every person in the eyes and spoke the Word into them with such a spirit of ministry. It was really neat. It wasn’t anything we planned but God had clearly planned it for us. And I was so glad to be a part of it. We handed out every single card in that brown box. One lady said, “That’s the fanciest thing I’ve received all day.” Another woman, after hearing Psalm 100, said, “I receive that!!!” And one gentleman had tears streaming down his face as he thanked us for coming. It was such a treasure to be a part of that special day even though it looked completely different than we expected. There’s a unique feeling when we serve and love others. It’s hard to explain but it’s the Christian’s sweet spot. It’s why we’re here.

I’m posting a clip of Soph and Jace sharing with one of our friends at the nursing home. I love her response at the end. It’s a little hard to hear her but worth turning up the volume to try. She starts out by saying, “Don’t make me cry.” And then the rest is pretty easy to hear. She ends by saying “THANK YOU” real loud but part of it gets cut off. This lady is a party waiting to happen. She speaks more boldly about the goodness of God than anyone I know. Our entire family loves her so much. She is such an inspiration to us.

And yes, I do realize how thick the southern “drawal is in both these youngens. Ha!

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