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The Best Milk Tea Flavor and Milk Tea House

Posted Oct 23 2012 9:05am

Milk tea is getting more popular and more milk tea houses are sprouting like mushrooms. Of course nothing beats the traditional milk tea, just like what we had at Waiying Restaurant.

If you remember pearl shakes in the 90′s, milk tea seems to be the new drink in town. I guess the same element of pearl or having to chew on something while drinking is what made both drinks popular. With milk tea though, more and more sinkers (as it was called) are offered. You can choose from pearl, nata de coco, pudding or even red beans.

I discovered milk tea rather really late, just a few months ago and back then, I was lost and overwhelmed with the many offerings on each store. Basically there are 4 steps in choosing your milk tea: type of milk tea, size, sugar level and sinkers. There are many different kinds of milk tea, some are caramel based or flavored. As for size, there’s the usual small, medium and large. When it comes to sugar level, 100% is the sweetest (gives me headache). I always go for 25% but 50% seems to be the safe option. Sinkers can vary from pearl to nata de coco, pudding etc.

As what’s the best milk tea in town, Serenitea has come up with their top 10:

 I have tried Okinawa, Hokkaido, Nagoya and Wintermelon. I love Wintermelon the most (large, 25% sugar, nata de coco). I love it so much that I can consume two large cups in one sitting. It was my favorite drink while working or while playing at . I still have to try the other top on Serenitea’s list.

Obviously, Serenitea is my favorite milk tea house but I also tried other tea houses and this is what I can say:
Cha Time is more milk than tea(acording to my taste) but my husband loves their pearl so much. Their pearl is just right, not too chewable but not too soft.
Moon Leaf, I only tried one of their drinks with nata de coco and it’s too flavorful for me.
YTree offers the most chewable pearl of all the milk tea houses I have been to the point that your jaw will hurt. But I super love their rock salt and cheese wintermelon milk tea. Unlike Happy Lemon where the cheese is on top, Ytree offers it mixed with the drink. I just love the fact that every time I sip, different taste welcomes my tongue.
Happy Lemon is the place to be when you love creamy, creamy and creamy. The first time I try it, my tummy cried.. too much milk I guess.
So how about you? what’s your favorite milk tea flavor and milk tea house?

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