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The Beginning of Christmas Photos

Posted Dec 01 2013 12:00am

I take pictures of my kids every year for a Christmas card.

My husband and I disagree on what those pictures should look like.

He thinks I should pose everyone in front of a Christmas Tree. Nice, but unoriginal - and I'm definitely not a normal type person.

One year, I sent a picture in which everyone, bar one, was crying or arguing. The next, I laid all six kids down in a circle and took their faces, in a snowflake type pattern. Several years, I've taken all of the kids out for one entire day of picture taking - various groupings, hats, props, etc. The last two years I did this - well, they were really stressful times. I took my mom with me one year and she's the only thing that saved the day when my youngest fell apart and my oldest took that opportunity to really force the issue.

Last year, I ended up crying, I was so frustrated. People had bad attitudes, were irritable, refused to cooperate - and although I did get some good shots (that I later turned in to canvas prints for my living room) -

with everything that went on this year, well, I just didn't know if I was going to do it. At all. I wasn't feeling it, didn't want to bother with it, and, really - who wants to see more pictures of my kids? I was bummed, because I really and truly love taking a Christmas photo that is out of the ordinary, but didn't honestly know if I had the energy. When I mentioned it, people were understanding - but more than a few encouraged me to give it a try.


Over a year ago, I read a photo tutorial on Casey' s blog. Casey is the photographer I want to be when I grow up. I saved that tutorial and periodically, I'd look at it. Could I do it? I really doubted it.

Yesterday, I tried, and it was - good. Not great, but good. I tend to shoot in Aperture mode - definitely off the green square (haven't shot there in more than two years) - but I'm not quite in manual. I'm nervous about it, y'all. Too much control, too many opportunities for something to go wrong and for me to miss the shot I'd tried so hard to get.

So, today, I tried again. I took a deep breath and dialed the camera to M. And I shot these.

It's not the entire Christmas Card, but it's a start.

Mackenzie Glitter 5


Mackenzie Glitter 7

Mackenzie Glitter 8


Mackenzie Glitter 4

(It was glitter - tons of different color glitter. Gold, silver, pink, and little purple cellophane butterflies.)

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