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The Anti-Aging Survival Kit

Posted Feb 21 2012 12:16pm

I’m going to play the honest card here.  I’m only 31 and considering I’ve had more than my share of bread, wine and cheese, I can still pull off ‘late twenties’ with a good exfoliate and a little blush.  So what am I doing talking about age related concerns? Well, because I’ve hit the twilight zone where things start to shift, drop, zig, zag and even disappear!

It’s called pre-emptive planning people and I’m all over it! Aging is a beautiful thing.  There are very few things more rewarding than knowing I’m no longer the dimwit I was in my early twenties. There is also great comfort in knowing that twenty years from now (god willing), I will be a great distance from the dimwit I am today!  I embrace this part of aging. In fact, I can’t wait.

It’s the other stuff that scares me.  Lack of energy, changes in sleep patterns, behavioral changes, difficulty with hearing and/or vision, changes in menstruation,  a decrease in libido and memory loss are just a few of the signs and symptoms attached to age related complications.  Yikes!

If you’ve read any of my other posts, you know I’m not necessarily one to just sit back and let things happen.  So, I’ve prepared a figurative list or a ‘survival kit’ to put together in efforts of maintaining your youth!

I cannot stress how important sleep is to your overall health.  Sleep deprivation is responsible for: depression, anxiety, forgetfulness, weight gain, aging of skin, impaired judgment and a lowered (or plain old loss) libido.

Is this who you want to become as you age? A forgetful, wrinkled, desexualized, chubby person who can’t remember what day it is and cares more about what’s on the boob tube than getting any action? No? Me neither? That’s why I’m going to bed early tonight.

Everybody knows that we need water to maintain health.  If you didn’t know this, you’ve been in a cave for the past fifty years, and even then you likely figured it out as chances are good you got pretty thirsty in that cave.  So why don’t we do it? 8-10 glasses is all your body asks.  In exchange, it will promote weight loss, younger, tighter looking skin, improved digestion, clarity of thought, vitality and that extra little kick in the bedroom!

I’m sorry.  Why aren’t we drinking enough water?  I’m getting on the water train and getting younger just thinking about it.

It’s true. I keep saying I’m going to run that marathon, then my sneakers seem to carry me closer to the local ice cream shop than they do the running path. My bad. And yours if you’re anything like me. Even mild to moderate exercise done three times a week will promote vitality, stronger function in the organs and a relief in muscle pain while reducing the chance of illness or disease.

Staying ‘young at heart’ is just as important to your health , and exercise is good for the mind. Getting a move on will encourage mental clarity and just imagine the pride of setting and achieving new goals. Besides, building a better body just feels good!

4.Avoid Stress
Trust me; I know how ridiculous this sounds.  “If I could, I would” right?  With work, partners, kids, aging parents and trying to maintain our health, it’s no wonder those gray hairs are popping up left right and centre.  Stress is a part of life, true.  What we do with that stress, is a different story.

Take time outs.  Dedicate an allotted amount of time to addressing problems or stressors in your life. Then leave it. Just for today. You can always go back to it for the allotted time slot tomorrow.  Communicate with your family and friends if you need help lightening the load.

Antioxidants started getting the attention they deserved a little over a decade ago.  That doesn’t mean that everyone fully grasps the entire concept behind their benefits.  Antioxidants protect your cellular health by fighting off free radicals.  Free radicals are basically pesky brats that storm around your body, wreaking havoc and destroying your health.

Two amazing antioxidants I’ve had my eye on these days are glutathione and krill oil . Glutathione is considered the ‘master antioxidant’ as it not only works at protecting cellular health, but also encourages other antioxidants to work at optimal potential.  Krill Oil is pretty amazing because it contains the highest, purest concentration of Omega-3 ’s available on the market. When these two work together, they promote detoxification, immune health, cellular growth and nutrient metabolism.

6. Diet
There are few things truer than the old phrase ‘you are what you eat’.  I know you know this.  I know you are aware of the fact that you should be filling your body with super foods like green leafy vegetables, mouth watering fruits and (for the meat eaters) organic meats.  I know you try to avoid bleached starches and sugars.  Of course you keep your caffeine to a minimum!

No you don’t use aspartame…aspartame contains dangerous substances like arsenic and methanol.  Aspartame was denied approval by the FDA 8 times before someone finally snuck it through in a back room barter. 8 Times!! That’s why you avoid diet products sweetened with aspartame right? Right?

I’m glad you have your wits about you!

That’s it folks. That’s the survival kit. Sleep, exercise, water, eat like you care, gobble up antioxidants and avoid devoting all your time to stressors.  Doesn’t sound like rocket science, but we sure treat it that way in our actions sometimes.

Join me in the youth movement.  Look younger, feel like a champ, get mistaken for being the younger sister!

Sandra Goldstein is an Outreach Manager and health expert at Everest Nutrition. She likes to stay up to date with new supplements and stay healthy. But in her spare time likes to annoy her cat and watch reality TV.

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