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The 3 Month Post Surgical Checkup

Posted Mar 31 2010 12:00am

It's been a bit less than three months since I had an endometrial ablation, but I've had three periods since then, so I'm calling it 3 months.

Yes. I said I've had THREE periods since the surgery that was supposed to decrease or remove all monthly Slaughterhouse Nine references, but If you know ANYTHING at all about me, you'd know that I never do anything the right way.

Easily squeamish? Are you Male? Anyone related to me by birth, death or marriage or anyone that might have trouble looking me square in the face after some intensely personal info that's below this fold - why not go read some Easter Basket ideas , School Lunches don't have to be Junk or how Food can be as addictive as Cocaine. I'll be here tomorrow with a good story that you'll want to read. Pinky promise.

Ok. Now that it's just me and probably one other reader, let's get this party started. I had an endometrial ablation right after the first of the year to try to reign in periods that had gone completely bezerkers. How crazy? Try a super pad an hour, for the first three days. Try sleeping on towels, sitting in cars on towels, showering twice or three times in one day and changing clothes repeatedly for the first three days of each 25 day cycle. And then about 6 days of what would be considered "normal". Try not exercising for those three days, and not leaving the house except to take kids to and from school and carrying extra clothes in your car.

So, maybe just a bit of a problem.

I had the ablation, and was told that it was tougher than anticipated, but that there was a 80% chance that it would work. But it didn't, and I went back today for my yearly checkup combined with my post surgical check up to discuss how things went. (After I got dressed in my clothes, of course, which I'd carefully folded and placed on the chair, with my bra and panties hidden inside the pants. OF COURSE. The doctor is all in my ho-ha, but she would be offended to see my undergarments strewn about the room. I'm so weird.) So, my options. Of which there are five.

  1. Repeat the ablation. I'd have to see if my insurance would cover it, and since there was trouble before - I'd taken progesterone to ensure that I didn't begin my period before the surgery - and yet I DID - I'd have to take Birth control Pills for three months before in order to be certain I'd be on track, cyclically speaking.
  2. Take the pill until I go into menopause. I'm not in favor of this one, as the hormones have had ugly side effects in the past.
  3. Have an IUD inserted. Against this one for the same reason.
  4. Keep going the way I'm going until menopause, which is realistically another 12-15 years away.
  5. Have a hysterectomy. This would need to be done when I'd have low obligations and much support, for the doctor said it would be a 4 week recovery period, similar to the recovery when I had my inguinal hernia repair.
Growing old SUCKS.

My husband is completely upset with the entire thing, for he feels like the doctor was negligent - since it didn't work, she clearly did her job wrong and just wants to do it again for income purposes. I strongly disagree. I knew going in that it was effective in 80% of the cases - just didn't think I'd be one of that 20%. But I maybe should have known, since I have a history of hemorrhaging after each childbirth. So I'm totally and completely 100% frustrated and would love to know your thoughts - my one reader who remained.

If it was you, or your daughter or sister - what would you do?

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